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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I know fans have mixed feelings about it, but I think it would be cool to perform 4 Minutes.
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  2. Billboard's weird, fake little weeks strike again.

    The chart that measured sales during the actual VMA week showed that Ray Of Light went up from 42 to 36, with the largest gain (4,000 units) from week to week of all the winners. AND the show was on Thursday. The first full week post-VMAs, she rises to 32.

    The public heard it, they saw it... and they liked it.
  3. Wiki says the awards were aired live September 10 and the chart I posted was from September 19 (there was another chart Sept 12) but yeah Billboard tracking is weird so. Anyway!

    4,000 units? wtf
  4. Yeah, the tracking is super weird. I found you have to subtract eighteen days from the issue date to find the start of the week that issue is tracking. Lauryn Hill's album (#1 that week) was in its third week of release when the VMAs aired, but the issue that tracks its third week is dated September 26th. I don't know why they do that, maybe it has to do with the time it took getting issues to print?

    Page 152 in the upload mentions Madonna specifically:
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  5. She was the moment though, you can feel the electricity in the room when Ben Stiller announces her name. And I remember there was some mild controversy because she was using religious hindi face markings with her semi-see through tank top. The original cultural appropriator (just kidding don't flip).
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  6. Probably enough time for payola checks to clear hehe.
    Yeah probably printing took 10 days+ or so back then
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  7. The conversation around that wasn’t anything bad. Granted I was a child but from what I gathered some people thought it was strange, others cool. I loved it and it’s actually the first performance I realized Artists’ could perform a song that wasn’t a single. My little baby self was hoping she’d do “Candy Perfume Girl” and making up potential medleys for future performances ddd.
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  8. Performing an album track that wasn't even in English was such a flex, as was reuniting with Lenny Kravitz, Grammy collaborations wish.
  9. The new single was Powwr Of Goodbye, I’d have done a piece of that tbh
  10. They aired the world premiere of the video during the Pre-Show.
  11. Reason the album climbed revealed!
  12. Slightly off topic, but when did M's guitarist Monte Pittman go off the deep-end and dive fully into the conspiracy theory pushing, right wing leaning part of the world?!
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  13. Not gonna lie, and this is based on nothing beyond his looks, but he always kind of gave that vibe
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  14. Nothing Really Matters deserves a spot on a forthcoming tour.
  15. I have hope for that one in particular since she seemed to finally remember that it existed for her Pride video in 2021
  16. What gives you this impression? I don't follow him on social media, so all I know is that he's Madonna's guitarist, they wrote Easy Ride, and he's a Rock God.
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  17. Still the most effortless sounding bop of her career:

    Yet strangely a low point of the Blonde Ambition Tour.
  18. Really? I loved it and thought it was a nice singalong, breather from the spectacle moment, but I guess coming between some of the most legendary performances of all time it probably seemed a low point.

    Still better than the horrid Dick Tracy section.
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  19. Dick dick dick dick dick dick DICK DICK DICK


    …my bottom hurts just thinking about it
  20. Where did you see him post anything like that? I follow him on Instagram and didn’t notice anything.
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