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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. It's always the Twitter likes.

  2. Arguably her last single of pure pop bliss too.
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  3. Cherish is a bit boring.
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  4. Who hurt you?
  5. Perish the thought!
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  6. Cherish is addictive. One of her best pure pop songs.
  7. the word I use to remind me ooooof

    your looooove

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  8. Well, he's liking some bizarre posts on Twitter. liking tweets about that anti vaxx documentary about people dropping dead from the vaccine, posts about anti masks, people making jokes about the storming of the Capitol, liking tweets about people who retweet Tucker Carlson, pushing loads and loads of anti Fauci posts, anti trans stuff, weird shit about grooming and pedophiles, ending wokeness, justifying Nick Fuentes, Kanye West, etc, etc, etc! and that's just likes from the last two days...
  9. This, I find it rather lovely and endearing.
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  10. Cancelled.
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  11. He’s been liking posts that drag Kim for endorsing Balenciaga when M has been their No 1 fan the past few months… a mess
  12. Well based on the the picture it’s the original book (and without the original mylar bag and cd) so not worth it. Same for the bag and tshirt, pretty boring.
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  13. 8 years today Rebel Heart and Wash All Over Me leaked! I will remember this day forever because something pretty big happened in my life that day, and as soon as I woke up and saw that there were two new M tracks out there (one of which is one of the greatest songs ever), I knew mother was watching over me and things would be alright.
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  14. I played those demos over and over that day. Love that memory.
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  15. Search for 'Sex' and it's one of the hits, or at least it was an hour ago.
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  16. Is she making an appearance at Art Basel tonight or sometime this week?
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