Im a bit behind on the MDNA talk... my take on it is that the album is her worst by a large margin. The reason being that for the first time ever (and last so far) in her career the music didnt have any soul, depth, elegance or sophistication to it. Madge albums up until that point, as different as they were, all had in common excellent production (yes, even Hard Candy), but MDNA had nothing going on for it, weak beats, terrible mastering, cliche lyrics, and her vocals are very questionable too.
The album sounds rushed and cheap... something new for a Madonna album. Theres only 1 song thats worth it in the whole project for me, thats Love Spent. The melody is top notch, the production is interesting and dynamic, her paper thin vocals make sense with the chaotic beats, and most important the lyrics feel honest and are captivating, Love Spent is one of my favorite songs of hers post confessions, behind the muddy production theres a heart thats aching.

Madonna is as smart as it gets, and with Rebel Heart she corrected most of the issues present on MDNA, the music had soul again and it felt like she cared about the project. Rebel Heart is true return to form for me.
While I agree about things said about MDNA, I feel the same way about Hard Candy.
Hard Candy did have a better production and a vision, but MDNA sounded more like a Madonna album. Vocals were weak on both albums.

I always wonder why people say Masterpiece is one of the album highlights, considering how sappy the song is, not to mention the boring melody of the verses. And the fact that the song, which sounded like a demo, won a Golden Globe makes it even more bizarre.
No and No

Yes and yes. Bye Bye Baby is not bad, but its clearly punching in a room of wall-to-wall class and 'bangers.' The only way to improve on Erotica is by excising the quirk a-la...

01 Erotica
02 Fever
03 Deeper And Deeper
04 Where Life Begins
05 Bad Girl
06 Waiting
07 Thief Of Hearts
08 Words
09 Rain
10 Why's It So Hard
11 In This Life
12 Secret Garden

Marvelous! / Bye bye, Bye Bye Baby! The B-side that made it big.

Haha! Yes, the re-release is what prompted me. On the plus side, I'd not previously heard the Tallahassee Pop mix, and its not bad.
Okay I'm late to the party but Jimmy Jimmy is a legit bop and one of the best 80's tracks by Madge.
@manloveuk you're not gonna convince us, babe.

Haha! Not for want of trying eh? Then I'll count being a lone card carrying member of the Anti Bye Bye Baby Party as just one more thing that makes me fabulously unique! Perhaps the 10 disc Erotica Super Deluxe Edition box set will unearth a version of the offending article in question that truly deserves a place in MyErotica and I can be welcomed back in from the cold!?
I think the youth is more open to Madonna than people think. I play all kind of older artists (songs, performances, interviews, music videos) for the students in my high school music production class (which I teach alongside my English classes). They thought Killers was the stupidest thing ever, but Madonna definitely gets their attention and there are some students who dig her (one student asked me, "What's an example of something you like that people think is weird?" I said "Madonna" and she said, "Fuck those people. Madonna's an icon). Some pop girls (among other types of veteran artists) that I play get no reaction from them. For instance, I played Kylie and one student was like, "Why are you playing this, mister?" Which makes sense. American high school students are not going to get anything out of watching Kylie. But with Madonna, they don't ever question why I play her stuff and they definitely pay attention, absorb, and discuss. I think they get how important she is even if they're probably not going to stream her.
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