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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I thought Bye Bye Bye was a weak link until I saw this:

    It made the song come alive for me.

    I agree it's a weird single choice though.
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  2. I think the youth is more open to Madonna than people think. I play all kind of older artists (songs, performances, interviews, music videos) for the students in my high school music production class (which I teach alongside my English classes). They thought Killers was the stupidest thing ever, but Madonna definitely gets their attention and there are some students who dig her (one student asked me, "What's an example of something you like that people think is weird?" I said "Madonna" and she said, "Fuck those people. Madonna's an icon). Some pop girls (among other types of veteran artists) that I play get no reaction from them. For instance, I played Kylie and one student was like, "Why are you playing this, mister?" Which makes sense. American high school students are not going to get anything out of watching Kylie. But with Madonna, they don't ever question why I play her stuff and they definitely pay attention, absorb, and discuss. I think they get how important she is even if they're probably not going to stream her.
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  3. I had forgotten how good some of these remixes are...
  4. I wish I could attend The @Raichu Gay Class as a kid
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. she looks phenominal!
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  7. Who would have thought that 30 years after we would be seeing Madonna celebrating SEX and being Dita again? Crazy.

    I became a fan of Esther in 2003, so, yeah, this hits hard for me.
  8. See now this is a look.
  9. Very happy for the Madonna's Night On The Club remix of Bye Bye Baby finally being on streaming! Definitely a favourite of her remixes discography for me.

    The one thing I need her team to fix is how the new EPs are registered on Spotify (and assuming same for other streaming platforms). While the Bye Bye Baby EP is correctly under the "Singles" section, somehow the Rain and Bad Girl/Fever are in the "Albums" section.
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  10. They are like that for a short period to highlight them just as the previous digital eps. They will be put in there right place gradually as more eps drop
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  11. Live vocals and instruments on Bye Bye Baby makes the song sound better. It's all very tiny in the album version. The same can also be said about Fever.
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  12. Loving the return of the dirndl gangsta look. She looks fantastic
  13. It was only recently that I heard/read that Bye Bye Baby is supposed to resemble a voicemail message. Blew my mind and helps explain the effect on the vocal.
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  14. Bye Bye Baby is a 10!!!!

    You absolute horrors
  15. Fuck, she looks HOT!
    The amount of cunt this woman has served throughout her career is simply unmatched.
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