Not sure who did it, but it's a mashup with Kelley Polar's "Ashamed Of Myself". He has two great disco records under his name, and one as Au Suisse (together with Morgan Geist) which came out this year.

Thank you so much! This is a great discovery for me. I've found quite a few interesting artists indirectly through M.
So her latest instagram post has her chilling with Bob the Drag Queen, but also Mecnun Giasar who works as a director and choreographer (most recently did the choreography for Rosalia's Motomami Tour) and Damien Jalet, another world renowned choreographer. He was creative advisor for the Madame X tour and choreographed 4 songs on that tour, including the rendition of Frozen featuring Lourdes!

So I'm guessing performances and tours are definitely on her mind...
It's a lot easier to plan a tour than a feature film where you're at the mercy of the studio, its investors and producers. She couldn't have guessed it would be shelved.

Maybe, but it’s December and still no official news about it when even Janet Jackson is going to announce a tour tour today. I’m not saying a tour next year is impossible, maybe it will happen, but 2024 seems more likely.