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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. The hip hop mixes of bye bye baby are sublime. I love how this and the Waiting Remix on the Rain single seemed to test the waters for what would come on Bedtime Stories
  2. I’m loving her energy right now.

    Do we have a chance of music coming?
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  3. I recently stumbled upon Jesus Luz's Instagram and he's gotten so deliciously thick. I'd say he is the sexiest man she's been with.

    There are rumors but nothing sure
  4. Too bad Isabella and Naomi weren’t there. Where was Ingrid? Isn’t this being held in her neck of the woods?
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  5. Jesus can’t touch Tony in this

  6. Ingrid was there. She’s in the 5th slide

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  7. In the same register: get you a woman who can top both charts and her (ex-)husband.
  8. 2023. If you watched her Q&A for Finally Enough Love you will see that all the stars are aligning for a sexy house music comeback backed by a (greatest hits?) world tour.
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  11. That website looks great, not bad prices either for resales.
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  13. Thanks guys. Reassuring.
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  14. The jump scare on slide 4.
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  15. Her SEX party look is sensational. Probably my favourite look of hers in a year of cunty looks. All these years later and she can still kill with a look like no one else.
  16. Love the party look, and would be cool to see the pics as displayed at the event (Guy Oseary teased a tour of the exhibit on Instagram).

    But curious... where was Steven Meisel?
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  17. Steven Meisel is basically a recluse, he still works but he doesn’t “socialise”.
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  18. Ha, I actually thought it was Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory for a second.
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