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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. It’s not? All I see.
  2. Sheldon isn’t even the scary one in that photo
  3. Alright, let's get some of you to the eye doctor !

    @man.tis.shrimp I assume you are not like other gays enough to not know Drag Race contestants, which is fair

    You, on the other hand... it's giving dog whistle
  4. I feel attacked! Looking at the captions it may be Violet Tchatchki, who I have actually heard of but never seen out of drag.
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  5. I realize that Violet and Gottmik together bring out the worst in each other's personalities, but individually they're great at the art of drag, and given how closely tied to the queer community M is it makes perfect sense to have them at the exhibition. Plus their looks in that photo are fine. Come on now!
  6. For the record I was joking nn. I actually get a kick out of their miserable mean girls chemistry.
  7. He’s a recluse. The word is he hasn’t dealt with aging well and doesn’t want to be seen in public. He’s too vain. How bad could he possibly look? He didn’t even show up to his own exhibit going on now reportedly because of it. If it’s true, it’s incredibly sad. Everyone ages. No one should be ashamed of it. It should be celebrated.
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  8. Yeah I'm specifically in the PopJustice Madonna thread to dog whistle lmaoo, it wasn't that serious.
  9. I told my music production students I could and would make tracks for them if they wanted to just focus on songwriting for the rest of the semester. Three students took me up on it. So right now I am dying trying to finish three tracks before tomorrow morning, one of which needs to be a Latin vibe, another of which needs to be a Beiber vibe, and another I have no direction for. Anyway, the funny thing about the Latin one is that it sounds like...

    ...fucking Killers Who Are Partying. Hahahaha.


    To be fair, I did recommend fado singers to the girl who I'm making the Latin track for based on her taste in music and her voice. So it fits.
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  10. That last shot is gorgeous. It could totally be an album cover.
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  11. God, let’s hope not. That was beyond cringe.
  12. This mayy be of interest for some The Gambler is released digitally this Friday and will have the dance mix which I think is the first digital outing for that mix.
  13. I'm curious if the first reissued album we're getting might be Ray Of Light next year - the main reason being that apart from Frozen we didn't get digital EPs from the era.
  14. I’ve been revisiting the Drowned World Tour a lot recently- I actually enjoy it a lot more now than I used to and she’s definitely stronger vocally than she was for Reinvention. Beautiful Stranger going into Ray of Light worked so well.
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  15. If Ray Of Light is the first studio album to be reissued in 2023, that would make sense. Not only iconic and groundbreaking, but it's 25th next year also.
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  16. I'm confident that the debut will be the first reissue - 40 years is a landmark anniversary and she's been teasing demos from that era for awhile on IG
  17. I don't think so... Following that logic, American Life would have to be the chosen album as none of its singles are available online and it will also be its 20th anniversary.

    The digital EPs were being released in a very random order. The first time they seemed to have a bit of a "campaign" was when they released the Bedtime Stories singles (unfortunately without Let Down Your Guard) and their HD videos.

    The releases stopped when Finally Enough Love was announced but now Erotica has also received special care with its "30 Years Of Romance" digital campaign. But other than that it was all very random and seems we are back into that modus operandi with Everybody 40th and You Can Dance Single Edits and Gambler coming soon.

    I agree. I kinda wished for releases reflecting the current music trends to show how Madonna was cutting edge back in the day but since they lost the opportunity with Erotica maybe they will just do stuff in order.

    Let's remember that in 2001 her first three albums were all remastered and reissued on the same day, so we could also see these new re-releases coming in bunches.
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