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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    "Gambler" expected December 9.
    1. Gambler (7" Version) - 3:54
    2. Gambler (Extended Dance Mix) - 5:42
    3. Gambler (Instrumental Remix) - 3:54
    Looks like it's going to be backdated to 1985, so we'll probably need to search manually or scroll through her discography pages to find it on Friday.
  2. I bought the German Blu-ray of Truth or Dare/In Bed With Madonna last week as it's Region 2 so can be watched in the UK (a snip at £11 on amazon)...Anyway, I must have seen this film hundreds of times, but there was one line in it that I don't recall seeing before. At the start of the 'truth or dare' bit, Madonna asks Carlton if he has ever been f*cked in the ass, and he then turns it on her and she laughs and says 'Dare.'

    Was this exchange always in it?? I really don't recall seeing it before.
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  3. Yes
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  4. Stuff like this is so iconic. If I was her, I'd watch these in bed while rubbing one out.
  5. It’s actually really interesting how she has always been framed as a constructed product and a smart business woman. The narrative was essentially that she was talentless but a smart marketing machine. In fact she has always put her vision first. She has been successful first of all because she had ideas, because she was original even if everyone said she was copying others.
  6. NEED for a future RSD
  7. I'm so going to stream the shit out of this. Don't be surprised if Gambler ends up my most streamed song of the year. It will be 1985 again, when the single wouldn't leave my record player.
  8. QUEM É ESSA GAROTA? is sending me.

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  9. 99% of successful women in the media are never thought of as the ones in control, most are presumed to have been guided by so-called "powerful men".
  10. I really don't like the Gambler single cover nn. It looks like a cheap bootleg
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  11. Brazilian promo
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  12. I never realized Gambler wasn't released in the States, felt like such a big hit in Australia at the time..
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  13. Yeah it's definitely one of M's least-known singles over here, which is a shame because it's a bop. But oh well, hopefully it does well on streaming now.
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  14. It's a banger and apparently it's Madonna's last solo written song until... Hey You.

    Anyway, it's such a high octane song and has another classic Madonna 80s bridge, so good they use it twice. And I love the subgenre of Madonna songs where she sings about what an unstoppable, irresistible hurricane of willpower she is (see also, Burning Up, Over and Over). The rate at which she churned out perfect pop songs back then was incredible.
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  15. The song being a rocky Maniac vs lost Exposé / Pretty Poison track... a win.
  16. Hey You is credited to Madonna/Mirwais/Pharrell on the Live Earth CD though. Thankfully it can't be placed next to the 80s solo written anthems (and Shoo-Be-Doo).
    I Love NY from I'm Going to Tell You a Secret is the last song, and first since Gambler, only credited to Madonna.
  17. This is so cool! Thanks so much for sharing this.
  18. Did I read somewhere that Gambler has been brought into the fold label-wise? That surely increases its potential for inclusion on future greatest hits comps and a Like A Virgin super deluxe?
  19. Yes It’s coming from Warner/Rhino.
    The truth is that it was also included on the Japanese La Isla Bonita EP back in the day and in the RSD reissue on vinyl.
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  20. It's nice to have Gambler be finally readily available. That run of classic singles that all peaked and were in the UK singles charts, was sure something:
    Like A Virgin
    Material Girl
    Crazy For You
    Into The Groove
    Dress You Up

    Few artists could ever do that.
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