On a high from getting tickets on Friday, I took my Celebration DVD to my friends last night, we watched both discs with drinks, she was amazed just how solid her back catalogue is and the videos too. such a joy to watch and appreciate.
I still find it remarkable that both Justify My Love and Music were huge US number one singles.

I can’t imagine any other artist being able to do that with those types of songs.

Justify My Love, yes, Music, no. She was coming off the most critically acclaimed era of her career and here she was doing party music again. It was an easy #1. Justify My Love was totally out of left field for her. You could argue that she was at her peak commercially and anything she did would sell, but still. It’s not a pop song. The video controversy also no doubt helped her. It was a ballsy tune for her to put out, that’s for sure.
When Music came out, teen pop and RnB (Destiny's Child, Jennifer Lopez) were at their peak in the US. Releasing a minimalistic french house track was extremely ballsy, it really wasn't the typical "party music" and certainly not an easy #1, there was nothing like it on the radio in the US. One More Time by Daft Punk which was a juggernaut everywhere else in the world only peaked at 61 in the US.