I doubt there are many goodies in the Confessions vaults. Fighting Spirit, Super Pop and History are definitely a step down from the tracks on the album and things like the original Get Together demo are pretty awful.
I just realised in two years it's been TWENTY YEARS since Confessions
When the Bedtime Stories rumors (Rhino tweeting the limited velvet edition, the Instagram filter dd) popped up, I had a quick idea/thought that it could probably be the era with most material in the vaults and that we are unaware.

More “cult-following” albums like Confessions, Ray Of Light and Erotica all had full demo tapes leaked through the years with Demos and Unreleaseds. The 80s also had a different approach it seems and there’s not a lot of “outtakes” since everything happened quicker (not saying there’s not 2 or 3 unused songs that we might not be aware, but still).

But then from like Bedtime Stories we have only stuff that was officially put out outside the album (Freedom, Let Down Your Guard (which is labeled as a rough demo), Your Honesty (2004!!), then the Tupac leak of I’d Rather…. and I think there’s a Survival “demo instrumental” without any vocal. We know she had early sessions for the album, there’s iconic things like “Something’s Coming Over” and there’s probably more that we don’t know…

Short Story: would absolutely love if Bedtime Stories was the first reissue with loads of material to get people’s attention. It feels special to have a fully expanded edition of such low key gem.