The video game synth breakdown in Paradise (Not for Me) is still one of the most gorgeous production moments in her discography. Also, Amazing would have been such a massive single. I know she didn't want to retread, but it really is so fantastic. The singles campaign was cut way too short for Music.

Wait, now I can't stop thinking about the what I call throwing-a-crate-of-bottles-down-the-stairs MADNESS during Nothing Really Matters. You know what I mean.
Impressive Instant is kinda nothing for me but I can see the appeal and the song could be remixed to death, plus great music video.

Amazing, while acting as Beautiful Stranger The Sequel!, also feels like an easy hit they (she) let go.

I don’t feel like Music got cut short since the videos were all great, she managed to make that Paradise interlude that is now part of her videography on YouTube… all wins. If I really could pick one last single, I’d go with I Deserve It as a lowkey and flop moment. It was just different for her at that point, even with the endless ballads from late 90s. A country tinged ballad soaked with synths and these dry vocals? Mother.

Real injustice is American Life with the original music video scrapped and the perfume AD for Love Profusion. Hollywood is fucking great so that lawsuit was worth it, and Nothing Fails deserved something as cinematographic as Bad Girl.
I love the sky/pale blue and white motif running throughout the promos for Amazing. It fits the song really well




(this one is a recreation but it's surprisingly close to the real thing)

I could easily see it having a Mondino-directed video that was basically the album shoot in motion.
People talk about Hung Up as being the object that 'saved' Madonna's career but never seem to mention her Live 8 2005 set which, I think, at least was a huge catalyst in that rejuvenation. Thoughts?

EDIT: Also, in lieu of a similar festival set, this is the closest we can imagine to her reception being at Glastonbury.

I was there at Hyde Park for the whole concert, what a day! Madonna, Mariah, George Michael, Annie Lennox, Scissor Sister…Dawn French! What a day!