Okay, but the fact an obscure freebie like “Hey You” (?!) even had to be whipped out is just a further testament to the quality of M’s output. At that point you’re just grasping for something bad.

And I’ve said it so many times, but MDNA’s greatest sin is the fact they didn’t give it 3 more months to cook. It would have been a pretty damn good poppers o’clock divorce album if it were finished.
Do the insiders have any news on the physical super deluxe editions of Madge's 1983 - 1998 albums? For me the is my Madonna. Each and every album is brilliant. With the digital releases I am hoping for super deluxe CD editions of each album. As for post 1998, I am happy with the best of and compilations containing her out put and I really hope this period does not see reissue first.
I was thinking about Gang Bang (the song!) last night, MDNA in general and... Not to re-write history but it's quite funny to see how maligned it is when in general it would be an "alright" for most people. Like, how batshit Gang Bang goes and how rich in imagery that stupid song is... I really wish she could have convinced Tarantino to make that Music Video. There's some creative moments and there's a bag of good-to-great songs there. The bones were there, they really just needed some better meat to finish it. I'm also glad it existed bcuz of the Tour which is probably inside my top3 but that might be an unpopular opinion as well.

The lows are diabolical, but no more diabolical than some of the worst from the 80s and 90s.......... tehee. *runs* maybe just in quantity.
The MDNA Tour is one of her best without a doubt. Sad about that DVD, I still don't know why she filmed the Miami show.

I've read something about them trying to film Colombian shows (which amounted whooping 90k people) but the schedule didn't work. The edit feels over the top as hell, but the show looks magic even through Fan lens.
I really think MDNA is one of the greatest shows in pop history. Going from the grandeur of Vogue into the shame and vulnerability of Like a Virgin/Love Spent is one of the most moving moments of her career. Having the ski mask and Pussy Riot letters on her body added this major political statement to a performance already heavy with meaning
How have I never seen the Human Nature video before? The choreography is excellent! Maybe the best choreo I’ve seen from her?
Surely they'll be going down the physical route? I really don't see them wanting to miss out on cashing in!
I´m absolutely sure there will be physicals. Madonna is one of those artists who always does very well with physical products.

Does anyone know if the Madame X Tour LP is happening, or were the photos of the cover just a hoax?