I really regret not seeing Confessions. It skipped Toronto - as did Drowned World and Madame X.

But the filmed show is really good. As I always say when it come to the Confessions Tour, "it needs to be released on Blu Ray".
I was just listening to the live album yesterday. Much has been said about the opening sequence, but the run from Music Inferno, Erotica (You Thrill Me) right through to Ray of Light is truly flawless. A remastered blu ray release of the event is sorely needed.
I hope she will include all her tours re-mastered with the deluxe albums. The Virgin Tour has only ever been available on VHS and LD and of course Blond Ambition remains a LD-only release.
The full Virgin Tour with all the missing performances remains the Holy Grail, along with Paris Blonde Ambition.

To think now that they butchered the first tour from one of the best performers of all time because they couldn't splurge for 90 minute VHS tapes instead 0f 60 is absurd. I hope the cut songs survive somewhere although I doubt it.
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Kurt Loder did an interview for Rolling Stone where he talks about Madonna, Prince, Nirvana and just MTV and music back in the 80s and 90s. I'm including the Madonna bits but the whole thing is very interesting especially if like me, you are part of the generation that has the little MTV News intro that used to play at the top of every hour etched into your frontal cortex.

What was your journalistic relationship with Madonna, who you spoke to many times over the years?
She was very smart and fast and at that particular time, she was doing just the most amazing records. If you go back and listen to the stuff she recorded in the Eighties and Nineties, it’s unbelievably great. Not everyone felt that way, but I thought she was terrific and she was funny to interact with. She was sassy sometimes, maybe nasty. She was a lot of fun to do stuff with. And she was always somewhere else in the world that you could fly off to and talk to her — in Spain or something. So we loved her. It’s great to talk to some of the people whose work that you really, genuinely like.

When you were interviewing Madonna at the VMAs in 1995, and Courtney Love kept interrupting and eventually jumped in on the interview, that’s become a legendary little moment. But was it actually irritating for you as a journalist?
It was a wonderful moment for television. If you were gonna have to write it up later, it would have been terrible… If somebody falls off the top of a building, it’s wonderful television. It was great. Is Courtney down there throwing stuff at us? Excellent. Throw some more, please. And she and Madonna were acquainted. I’m sure Madonna was a big fan. But there was somebody in my ear saying, “Get her up here. Get Courtney up here somehow.” And you can see Madonna and her handlers go, Jesus, no, don’t bring that woman up here.
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