It seems that MDNA is being reissued on vinyl in July.


I can finally buy this without having to spend $100 plus! Thank god, since I was only getting it for completion’s sake.
MDNA looks great on vinyl, I bought it at the time and it is now safely stored in the recent hologram sleeve.
This is the most difficult of her studio albums to get on vinyl so a re-issue makes perfect sense.

As for her Warner albums, they are all easy to come by except Hard Candy, which has never been re-pressed. I only have a sealed copy of it so I would love to another copy to play. I´m sure Warner will re-release it on vinyl at some point, at the very least when the album gets it´s deluxe treatment. That is of course if these deluxe editions will ever happen!

Seems strange though that Warner has re-pressed pretty much everything on vinyl in recent years (including the special releases of You Can Dance and I´m Breathless), except Hard Candy and Celebration.
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For all of the album's faults, the MDNA cover definitely evokes some heavy nostalgia. My music consumption and faggotry both being at an all-time high... the good old days!

Same here. I have a very vivid and embarrassing memory of tweeting something to the effect of “THIS IS HOW YOU DO DUBSTEP @britneyspears” when I heard “Gang Bang” for the first time.

Ah, good times.
I'm also glad Universal are milking this whilst they still have the rights over it as it'll take... a while before any of the recent albums are touched by Warner & her camp.

They should repress Rebel Heart soon too whilst they're at it.
I treasure my Body of Evidence laserdisc and try to play it every couple of years. It's definitely a trash classic, a perfect encapsulation of all the excesses of 90s erotic thriller sleaze. It's certainly *bad*, but they also don't make adult-oriented movies like that anymore. Things are so staid these days and nudity has mostly been removed from American cinema.
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Even though I find Hard Candy and MDNA her weakest moments, there's still a few gems on each.
I think MDNA could have been an amazing album without the involvement of Solveig and if M herself payed it more care and attention.
I'll be adding MDNA to my vinyl collection as it's still an important part of Herstory.
According to the June album reissue campaign tea, it should be starting any day, right?
I would certainly hope so. It has been almost a year since the announcement and while we have gotten Finally Enough Love and some cool releases (Record Store Day etc) it seems overdue to launch the reissues with at least the announcement of the first release.