I think Drowned World on the Confessions Tour is my favourite Madonna tour performance of all time.

Drowned World is my favourite song, so it makes sense, but it just feels so perfect. It's the first truly quiet moment of the show, and is followed by one of the most stacked acts of any pop tour ever in the Disco section. I think Drowned World resonated even more with her at the height of re-exploring what faith means to her, and having yet another career resurgence with three growing children and what seemed to be a lived in marriage by then. I think what Madonna even represented changed drastically around this time also, because this is when I became aware of her as a child and kind of saw her as way more of a philanthropist than I did any sort of crazy pop star.

I'm rambling, but this all goes without even giving focus to the incredible arrangement and vocals that appear in the performance. Even the way she's sitting down makes a moment on one of her most sprawling tours feel very intimate. The way those gorgeous synths rise at the beginning... I could literally talk about it all night.

I hope we get Drowned World on Celebration. It deserves it!
I know next month is the 40th anniversary of her debut album but I couldn' t help myself and was listening to The First Album on cassette today and it is already making me emotional thinking about the tributes that will be pouring in.

It really is a brilliant album, a great debut. At the time, I didn't really give the album its due considering the Virgin era and Into the Groove really seemed to overshadow the debut. But over time, I feel the debut has positioned itself as one of the finest debuts of all time, and just a great record. I love that passion and yearning in her voice, and the production still conjures up joy, transporting you to the streets of summer NYC in the '80s to the dancefloors of clubs like Danceteria. An album that is timeless but also brings you back to a certain time.

I forgot this existed and such thing should be a Crime so I'm here to remind you all.

She's... so fucking good. The audio being totally fucked up, the random security camera filter, the google translater vocaloid, the Erotica moan every time she says Sex.....................She's out of this world.