The Pet Shop Boys are doing a livestream interview with Alex Petridis of The Guardian now. Neil just mentioned that around 2006/7 they were asked by her people "if they had any tracks Madonna could work with". They did some songs and Neil suggested that Chris get them out and dust them off!
Like a Prayer featured quite prominently in the new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer

What are the chances of this going viral? It would be such a sweet cap to the tour.

I wonder if Ryan or someone from the production team saw the tour and decided to include it as it not such an obvious choice for an action movie.
I would say that pretty much all her vinyl pressings are of good quality.

All of her studio albums are widely available on vinyl except for I´m Breathless (only re-issued as a yellow Barnes & Noble exclusive a few years back) and Hard Candy. The recent MDNA reissue is already hard to find but other than those you should not have much trouble getting what you want.
I just received a vinyl player for my birthday and am going to start collecting physical vinyl again.

What Madonna albums are pretty widely available and the best editions or repressing to get?
It could be worth grabbing the recent Celebration reissue before it disappears as apparently it can no longer be ordered through the supplier, this album was high in demand for a repress for years,
About time! Up for pre-order on Amazon.

I own the Spanish Blu Ray that was released a few months ago but I have not gotten around to watch it yet. I heard that the transfer was pretty good though.
I got 20 and really upset I didn’t get
Who’s That Girl
Take A Bow
Erotica (?)
S.E.X. (This one I just forgot was a song entirely and guessed “Erotica” for this)