If there was ever a good time to kick-start a super-deluxe campaign, surely its this weekend? She'll have 500 million Brazilians on a beach and a captive telly audience of billions tomorrow with all of the headlines that result! New product platforms don't get much bigger than that!

And next time she decides to do a free gig as a 'thank you' to her fans, she'd do well to remember she'd be a 2-hit wonder if it wasn't for the UK!
Last night was one hell of a victory lap, and its been so wonderful to see the media give her positive coverage and the recognition she deserves for a change.

I'm fascinated / keen to see what comes next... I've been hoping for the deluxe reissue campaign to kick in, but she could very well...

1. announce a Celebration Tour film / album
2. surprise us with an entirely new album
3. resuscitate the bio
4. deluxe reissues begin
5. all of the above and more!
6. none of the above but something else entirely

The one thing that is least likely is announcing her retirement, but honestly, after 40 years and that victory lap, she's more than earned it. Incredible.
The finale to the tour looked to be a triumph. Madonna reigns supreme. It was fascinating to see an unedited/united show (less distracting than some of her tour videos but also highlighted how high the backing track was in the mix and her live vocal wasn't great in all honesty) BUT that really doesn't matter at all. Hearing the musical detail Stuart Price created, appreciating her vast catalogue of music, the joy and energy she, her dancers and of course that huge audience brought was mind blowing. And Live To Tell brought me to tears again watching as a stream as it did when I saw the show in London in December.

Highlight for me remains Open Your Heart. Always mid tier Madonna for me in the past - it's now elevated right to the top. What a song and performance!

What's next? Who knows but personally I'd like an Anti Tour with a small live band/acoustic set and surprise venues across the world.