Currently playing my Spotlight: Greatest Hits (1982-1987) playlist, and it makes for a perfect snapshot of Madonna's first 5 iconic years in music and an imaginary Greatest Hits release too.

1.Spotlight (You Can Dance Single Edit)
2.Everybody (You Can Dance Single Edit)
3.Papa Don't Preach
4.Like A Virgin
5.La Isla Bonita (Remix Edit)
6.Who's That Girl
7.Lucky Star
8.Material Girl
9.Open Your Heart (Video Version)
10.Borderline (7" Remix)
11.Causing A Commotion
12.Dress You Up
13.Gambler (7" Remix)
14.Angel (Radio Edit)
15.Burning Up (7" Edit)
16.True Blue (Remix Edit)
17.Where's The Party (You Can Dance Single Edit)
18.Into The Groove
19.Holiday (7" Mix)

No ballads allowed, sorry, wanted it to showcase her ultra 80s bops of which were all killer and no filler.In my world, Spotlight, would have served as the lead single circa late 1987, with the new You Can Dance remix edits of Everybody and Where's The Party being exclusive to this Greatest Hits, and being the follow up singles during the first half of 1988, this finally being the hit singles they should have been.
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"Who's That Girl" out midnight.

  1. Who's That Girl
  2. Who's That Girl (Extended Version)
  3. Who's That Girl (Dub Version)
What would you say your favourite Madonna period is if really had to nail it down? For me, it would have to be 1989-1993, where she evolved from her (perfect) pop period that made her a superstar, into something more deeper. I also think this period was the most Queer friendly so to speak during that time, with the themes, imagery, plus music itself. She broke barriers here and was not afraid to do so either.