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Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. cpr


    Great video! I’m seeing them in a couple weeks for a second time and I hope they have some tour backdrops in this style.
  2. This came up on my YouTube recommends while I was on an acid trip and.. well I was mesmerized. Then I checked out the album today and Jesus what the fuck is this perfect synth album?!
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  3. 2014

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    Received a copy of this at work and started to play and haven't been able to stop? Really, really good.
  4. Dreamcatching is on heavy rotation recently, I seem to find my way back to this album constantly, I'm certain each and every track has had it's moment for me.

    I'm almost scared for what they are cooking up next, I fear for our scalps.
  5. Chaeri is still that girl. So dreamy and atmospheric, and the way it builds just makes me melt.
  6. Domino might be one of my favorite songs of recent years. It’s just so innovative yet nostalgic? It’s been my number one song since release.
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  7. Also, the Material Girl interpolation in Mercurial World is absolute genius and does not get praised nearly enough.
  8. Me the first time I heard it:

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  9. 2014

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    That was the moment I knew I was going to live for this album.
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  10. Good Intentions is still that underrated bop.
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  11. cpr


    Something is happening tomorrow! Remix album? LP2 already?
  12. 1. “Secret 1”
    2. “The End”
    3. “Mercurial World”
    4. “Unconditional”
    5. “Dawning Of The Season”
    6. “Secrets (Your Fire)”
    7. “Secrets 2-9: Medley”
    8. “You Lose!”
    9. “Secret 10”
    10. “You Lose! (8-Bit)”
    11. “Something For 2 (Cecile Believe Remix)”
    12. “Chaeri”
    13. “Secret 11”
    14. “Halfway”
    15. “Hysterical Us”
    16. “Secret 12”
    17. “All You Do”
    18. “Prophecy (Synth & Strings)”
    19. “Follow The Leader”
    20. “Secret 13”
    21. “Chaeri (Danny L Harle Remix)”
    22. “Chaeri (Piano & Strings)”
    23. “Dominó (Spanish Version)”
    24. “Dreamcatching”
    25. “Secret 14”
    26. “The Beginning”
    27. “Mercurial World (Piano & Strings)”
    28. “Secret 15”
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  13. I'm here for it!!!

    One of my newest favorite album of all time deserves a little more time to shine!
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  14. Oh, this is so exciting! There's no good remixes of their music out there, and I've been wanting to include their music in my sets for so long. Here for it.
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  15. They also just announced another US tour but are somehow skipping Los Angeles? Their hometown...

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  16. tea


    Sad there's no Vancouver date, but so hyped for the deluxe!
  17. Vancouver is the first date, no?
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  18. tea


    Oh whoops, it is! This is the best news

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