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Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Mercurial World?

    Something For 2?


    The Beginning?
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  2. Pretty good album on first listen. Secrets, You Lose, Chaeri, and Prophecy stood out as favorites.
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  3. The album is a dream come true, absolutely one of the best of the year, whew. Please check out their previous EPs and standalone singles gals, they've been serving this level of pop excellence from day one!
  4. The ending of The Beginning is the beginning of The End... This is a holy experience.

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  5. What an instant AOTY contender, wow! I haven't been this enamoured with a synthpop record since The Sound of Arrows! They are giving a whole fresh take on the genre and they sound so fun doing it. I danced the whole of its 40+ minutes runtime and enjoyed every track.
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  6. Don't you love it when your album of the year just lands in your lap without any preconceived expectations or anything? I had no idea this would be so good, not one bad track.
  7. This is quite amazing, isn't it? It feels so good to finally have a proper record coming from them, and to be specific, a debut album. I'm just after my first spin but I can already say that they did a great job there.
  8. I knew this would be good but I didn't expect it to be so good and I'm only five songs in.
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  9. Id say the album this most closely resembles sonically is Grimes' ‘Art Angels', it almost feels like a sister project in the sense that it's eclectic while still fitting together fabulously.
    The first thing I did this morning was press play, it's kind of already in a league of its own though...what a fucking album!
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  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    There is no dud on the album. Each song stands out on its own and has its own world. A great album and definitely one of my favorites of the year.
  11. Something For 2.. Wow, Wow... Oh wow you guys..
  12. Best debut album in a long, long, long time. I'm in electric heaven right now.
  13. I was digging the first stretch but I think it really pops off with You Lose! and Something for 2 back to back: it's a blistering one two punch and then Hysterical Us-Prophecy-Follow the Leader really seals the deal in elevating this beyond their earlier EP's.

    I'll need more time with it but after two plays it's just a ton of fun while also being really dense material. They outdid themselves!
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  14. I've given this four spins already, so good. As @Jonathan27 said, the You Lose! and Something for 2 punch is unreal.
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  15. What in god’s name is this amazing album?!?!? Catapults atop AOTY.

    Giving me Crystal Castles meets Vangelis.
  16. I second the Art Angels comparison. Major 2015 Grimes energy all over this, without being derivative.
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  17. Yeah this came outta nowhere for me to suddenly being one of the best things this year. I'd noticed "Chaeri" showing up in a few playlists lately, but hadn't considered looking into them much. I'm floored.
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  18. I really can't say enough good things about this album: too often the best, most expansive soundscapes come at the cost of any hooks worth a damn, but this has both in every. single. song.

    I feared it might lose me in the home stretch, but Dreamcatching/The Beginning are unbelievable closers. AOTY!

  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I think Prophecy is a tad overproduced but it’s still a gorgeous song.
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