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Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. This album is stunning, why aren't more people onto this yet?
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  2. I think I figured out why “Hysterical Us” hits me so hard. It taps into the same smooth rock vein as some of Carly’s Dedicated and Dayglow’s latest album –which all of you need to check out.
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  3. Currently listening and picking up on the Carly Rae Jepsen similarities. The songs have so many layers and these really pop moments kinda drift in and out with these wall-of-sound backdrops. On “You Lose” the fuzzed out guitar + synth sounds like Metric, but none of them stay in one place for too long so it makes the songs dense and worth repeated listens. Something For 2’s melody sounds like it would work over 00s pop rock. At moments her voice gives me Donna Lewis..?

    Also agree with the Art Angels comparisons because of the dreamlike state throughout. Could be one of my favorites of the year, and definitely one of the biggest surprises. The singles were good but all together it’s even better.
  4. “Something for 2” and “Chaeri” back to back; the nerve! The whole thing is pretty mind blowing.

    I’m picking up hints of CHVRCHES throughout the album but that might primarily be down to vocals.
  5. The spaced out production of Dreamcatching and the lyrics are IT for me today.

    Also, I'm glad to see love for tracks like 'You Lose!' and 'Domino' around the net, which is the soundscape I'd love for them to explore for the next album. Both songs are such a mood.
  6. We definitely should talk a little bit more how the key change in Dawning of the Season and the transition to Secrets are one of the best moments of the whole album.
  7. This is not an album. Mama, this is art. It’s an audio expérience. It’s a trip around the Milky Way and back.

    I can’t remember the last time a release made me say wow so many times.
  8. And PinkPantheress is just around the corner.
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  9. Domino is insane, it is basically if Wolf Alice focused on becoming a synth pop group. Every song on this project is amazing.
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  10. If there's any justice in the world this album will be their big breakthrough moment. Not that I expected otherwise from Magdalena Bay, but it's so well-executed - even the songs I'm not totally sold on are still solid.

    Their chameleonic nature really jumps out here too, even more than in both mini mixes - the way it goes from the smooth 90's nu-disco of Secrets (Your Fire) to the electronic/Smashing Pumpkins chimera that is You Lose! to the more straightforward pop of Something for 2 and manages to still sound cohesive is masterful.
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  11. We need to talk about how incredible 'Follow The Leader' is, at first it felt inferior to just about everything else but it features some of my favorite production on the album now. That vocal sample and heavy heavy synth just...hits right.

    They also continue to conjure up references in my head of obscure industrial/indie/goth rock bands from the mid 2000s that I listened to in highschool. (theSTART, The Birthday Massacre, Scarling ect) which is not something I thought I would pick up from a modern pop album like this, but an incredible surprise.
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  12. So I listened through this a couple of times and it's pretty much what I expected. The production is simply amazing throughout. I just love how those songs twist and evolve from ethereal to dancy to noisy and back again. There are some true corkers - Chaeri remains the highlight for me.
    But much of the actual songwriting is just a tad limp to me and the melodies don't come through in the end (Hysterical Us for example is such a drag). And though I know it's a stylistic choice, I really dislike her breathy, whispery, sighy voice. It somehow doesn't all come together for me.
    I will definitely watch out for them in the future though!
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  13. Are we… listening to the same song? That chorus is an ear worm.
  14. I don't know why, there's something about that plinkyplonky melody that really rubs me the wrong way. It sounds so lazy to me. Might just be a matter of personal taste.
  15. Hysterical Us is a moment.
  16. Honestly think I could write essays on how genius 'The End' and 'The Beginning' are. It starting with Mica saying Matt wake up, and ending with telling him to go back to sleep and then it circling back to the start of the album. The opening monologue making perfect sense when repeating back to the start after listening to The Beginning. Stunning.
  17. Hysterical Us is a clear highlight, one of the better tracks definitely. Not a single dud was detected upon extensive enjoying of this album. There's only several tracks that allow you to breathe after the likes of Hysterical Us blow your mind, cause they are THAT considerate. Thank you.
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  18. K94


    This is on repeat - I won't have any scalp left. I'm a sucker for a continuous mix and the way each track plays off the other whilst also being in a completely different lane. Truly great.
  19. We saw Pitchfork is very much here for the album, right? That's nice.
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  20. RJF


    I think the album is good... but I also think it's a little too much of what it is. By the seventh go around of juddering synths and helium whisper vocals I'm a little drained. But still, I bop.
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