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Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. 8.0 from Pitchfork!!
  2. London gig at The Lexington on 1 December.
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  3. cpr


    The Wuthering Heights cover at 19:30 is a complete serve. If you want something to play in the background the whole stream is a lot of fun; Cocteau Twins, Robyn, and a Vroom Vroom mashup are highlights.
  4. I love their live streams and caught this one last night. Mica is so serene.
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  5. Very late to this but what a stunning album. Just absolutely pristine, glittering pop. You Lose! is laced with crack.
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  6. Also so late to this but the album is incredible. They had me as soon as they interpolated ‘Material Girl’ for the Mercurial World outro. The taste jumped out there.

    Secrets, Dreamcatching and The Beginning are the highlights for me initially.
  7. Don't let it fall, let it fall down
    We could build something for two, or burn it down
    Instead of you keeping me out
    We could build something for two, or watch me drown

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  8. Obsessed at the moment.
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  9. This was the most underrated album of 2021 in my book. Sounds like a parallel universe Gwen Stefani project.

    Hoping more people discover this in the coming months, because it really is great.
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  10. Don't sleep on their extensive back catalog, either! 'Money Lover' is a total sophisti-bop.
  11. I've been promoting this album like hell with my friends and everyone seems to love the songs with 'You Lose' being a standout. It's so fulfilling seeing them get praise cause they're pretty phenomenal.
  12. I cannot think it's not Britney on Prophecy.
  13. I'm very late to this but have just discovered this album and I'm amazed by it. Now I'm taking the time to dive in their whole discography. My new obsession.
  14. I've spent all year doing just this, so many gems to discover!
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  15. This came across today:

    Definitely may go see them in Cambridge this month.
  16. Can't get over how hot their drummer is
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  17. I really haven't come back to an album as often as I have been with Mercurial World in a while. Watching the live vid for Secrets has me obsessed with it again.
  18. I saw them tonight. They were AMAZING. They did so much with so little. The literally had an on going skit where they talked to an A.I. robot throughout the show. Insanely creative people.

    I also met Matt, he was so cute as shy dd
  19. Why are they so cute!!

    I hope the success of this album allows them to tour here in MN at some point in the future because they are one of the bands I absolutely need to see live!
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