Maggie Rogers - Don't Forget Me

After listening to Don't Forget Me several times a day since Friday, "If Now Was Then" has grabbed my attention. There's something about the melody that just makes time stand still for the duration of the song. I noticed that "The Kill" is now a part of Maggie's top 10 tracks statistics on her Spotify artist page, with 531,318 plays so far. Not sure how the numbers are comparing to Maggie's previous releases but it's nice that people listen to "The Kill" given that it's a song Maggie has been promoting for a while, through her social media and her performances.
After few more listens I can say that it's her best album for me. All killer, no filler, tight and cohesive sound, as well as easy listen. I wasn't sure about this "one vocal take" approach on the but it's actually interesting in the end? Makes the songs raw, almost sometimes like demo versions.

I wish I could see her live.
It Was Coming All Along is so MUNA coded. It's so easy to hear Katie on this one dd. Collab please. Great opener!

The Kill and If Now Was Then also jumped out, but enjoying everything so much more than I expected when Don't Forget Me dropped. I'm still a Surrender girlie to the core but she's finding her voice and sound and developing so promisingly as an artist.
I was an animal/ making my way up the hill/ and you were going in for the kill and the way she switches perspective is such a novel and arresting way to talk about the dangerous, almost predatory nature of romantic love. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it put that way before?

The whole album feels like an artist stepping into her power. The one take thing paid off so well because the whole album sounds so fresh and immediate. She killed it!


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Stunning album. Her debut was good but Surrender was what fully got me on board, it quietly became one of my favourite albums of 2022 and this album is a more than worthy followup. The chaotic energy may be gone but the confidence is still there, and the sound of this album was the perfect next step.

I will say I think All the Same could've used maybe one more vocal take nn, I know she can do a better vocal performance than that. But otherwise my favourite song has changed multiple times already, from It Was Coming All Along to The Kill to If Now Was Then.
Loving the album. Here I was thinking I'd want her to go even further in Surrender's coked out direction but this has been a welcome shift to something more unhurried and warm. The approach to the album was a risk but I think it generally pays off. The Kill is like a titanium plated pop single through a farmhouse lens.

My only small quibbles are that some of the melodies veer towards overly familiar at times: the pre-chorus of Drunk and So Sick of Dreaming follow essentially the same notes as Shatter's bridge and If Now Was Then is a little Alaska-lite in the pre-chorus as well. These are negligible criticisms though, borne more out of my own familiarity with the previous songs which is a good problem to have! I've already thrown most of this onto my spring playlist.
Yeah, the entire album is a smash after having some more days with it. I was surprisingly cold to the ballads on the first go but "I Still Do" delivers such a gut punch now. "Never Going Home" grew on me a lot as well.

Still standing by this being her best album yet and the shorter length is making me repeat it so she did that!