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Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Bit genre defying this one but it's going down a storm across the blogs. Vocally she reminds me of Kacy Hill. This is very good indeed.
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  2. Like Kacy Hill, this is nice, but the shittons of hype it's getting is baffling to me.
  3. I'd been excited for the studio version ever since the demo was previewed In that video with Pharrell. I wonder what her label situation is, I'm sure they'll all be fighting over her sooner rather than later.
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  4. It's growing on me immensely. First listen yesterday I was bit non-plussed.
  5. Folky musings and whispering electronics... an intoxicating mix of ethereal and earthy... Love it.

    I'd been hoping a new quirky artist would come along (one that's actually good). Would be perched for a whole album if it's up to this standard.
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  6. One of my best friends has the same exact name. Had to check this thread to make sure she hadn't started a music career!
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  7. Imagine if this was your mate Maggie from Scunthorpe.

    This avant-pop mixture of folk with electronic instrumentation is giving me some Debut realness.

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  8. The song has grown on me so much. I was apathetic at first, but it really sneaks up on you. The video is glorious too, the colors really fit the song to a T.
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  9. Why aren't more people raving about this modern classic?
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  10. I honestly don't know? The video is fab, although I think it never quite delivers on the stripped back promise of the first minute or so - he's a bit cliche after that. But at least it's a well executed trope.

    I can't wait to see what she'll do next. Her career so far has been so interesting to watch unfold.
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  12. Been listening to it non stop since yesterday! Love it.
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  13. I like 2 out of 2, so far. Maybe there's a bit of a quality singer-songwriter revival happening.
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  14. Have you checked out Julia Jacklin and/or Weyes Blood?
  15. I haven't but maybe I should?
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  16. I was wrong about Alaska being overhyped, it really is quite special. I hope she gets an album out next year though, because Dog Years has made me more excited about the prospect of a full project.

    I love her singer songwriter style with her subtle, but fresh sounding electronic production. She's not reinventing the wheel or anything, she's just doing what she does really, really well.
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  17. Video for 'Dog Years'. I can't explain why I love her two tunes so much as they are not that unique but she just has that something.
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  18. I find 'Alaska' a bit twee but 'Dog Years' is spectacular. Reminds me of a slightly less folky First Aid Kit.
  19. Alaska and Dog Years are both 10/10s to me. "And I walked off you / And I walked off an old me" is one of my favorite lyrics of the year.
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