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Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jun 17, 2016.

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    whew we've only just received this at work and I've played it non-stop - her voice is brilliant, Light On and Fallingwater are standouts for me at the moment.
  2. aux


    Did you get vinyl copies of it too? I've been waiting to purchase it from there.
  3. 2014

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    Yep! Don't know how many but I definitely saw at least 1 (ddd)
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  4. The second half of this record is such a rush. My standouts right now are Overnight, Light On, Fallingwater, Burning and Back in my Body.
  5. I'm waiting for my red vinyl of this to arrive but I must say that I'm glad I got into her super late. The whole is so fresh to these ears and Fallingwater has to be one of the best songs of 2019 (er, 2018 but whatevs).
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  6. Just snagged tickets to see her in April. The fact that I hadn’t even heard of her a month ago and now I’m fully stanning, we love character development.
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  7. Burning grabs me by the neck and

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  8. I've realised what 'On + Off' reminds me of.

  9. She was incredible live tonight. She’s a great performer and honestly the vocals were kinda perfect. So glad I got to see her, but I already want to here Give A Little live again!
  10. I wish I'd discovered her a little earlier so I could see her live this month. Sadly her show in Paradiso seems to be all sold out - and with the amazing Mallrat opening for her as well! Such a shame.

    I love all her "witchy feminist rockstar" merch.
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  11. Ticketswap sis
  12. I know but as well as wanting to see both acts I'm also poor and about to be unemployed. So no.
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  16. I ADORE everything about this video! Maggie and Florence together is perfect! Would love them to be involved in whatever they do next. I also love Florence making sure Maggie knows who's the veteran with that big ole note!
  17. A Moment!
  18. 2014

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    They look like they could for their own Haim. I stan.
  19. I stan Floggie
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  20. So weird I was just thinking of how Leave My Body and Back in My Body flow into each other so well.
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