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Maggie Rogers - Notes from the Archive and Second Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. I have played Notes from the Archive: Recordings 2011-2016 four times. It is a fascinating compilation album to listen to. My favourites are "Blood Ballet", "Resonant Body", "New Song", "Wolves" and "Satellite".
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  2. Reset?
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  3. Has she left Capitol Records?
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    I finally got the chance to listen to Notes from The Archive and I'm obsessed. I wasn't expecting it to be so folk and dreamy, so I was really taken aback at first, but it's so brilliant. I actually revisited her debut EP and Heard It In A Past Life straight after because Notes From The Archive really reminded me how much I loved Maggie. I cannot wait for her next album.
  5. Maggie has released a live version of "Love You for a Long Time"!

    It's down tempo compared to the single release. She mentioned on her Instagram account that many had asked for a slower version of the song for weddings.
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  6. Love You For A long Time really shines, so I'm glad it's been given the attention it deserves.

    The more we see of her, the more I think this second release will really be something.
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  7. Bridgit Mendler vibes.
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  9. Ok wait her being a student at Harvard is kind of iconic though.
  10. I honestly think this might be a great move for her especially given the extended (endless?) pandemic and her clear love (and need) for touring. We’re about to be hit with a glut of quarantine records so I don’t mind avoiding one more if it means a deeper record when (if?) it arrives
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  11. I think this new record could be something really special.
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    BRING IT ON! Heard It In A Past Life has had such strong staying power for me, Back In My Body in particular.
  13. An anthem
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  14. One of my most favorite records to ever own! Overnight is an anthem as well!
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