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Maggie Rogers - Surrender

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. That’s Where I Am is apparently doing really well on US radio, which actually confused me a bit. When I first heard it, it sounded super clunky and overbearing, but I understand it’s appeal more now. It’s definitely grown on me.
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  2. I am obsessed with That’s Where I Am. Along with Don’t Forget, Break My Soul, and No One Dies From Love, it’s my song of the summer.
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  3. That's Where I Am triangulates lots of 90s/early 00s US indie rock in a really smart way that doesn't sound pastichey or cringe at all (unlike a lot of the other gals pulling from a similar time period) so I'm not really surprised it's getting legs. I like it a lot.
  4. Yeah i'm not surprised either, there's something very nostalgic about it. Which I love.
  5. She just posted that “Horses” is coming soon so it seems like that will be the last pre-release single before the album. From the clips it sounds a little more acoustic/ballady than the first two singles but still with big drums on the chorus, I’m here for it.
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  6. Horses is the one on the album, it's a really gorgeous song.
  7. The clip sounds fantastic (you can listen to a longer one if you click on the sound on her most recent TikTok) Definitely more ballad-y but very much in line with the sound of the last two songs. I'm absolutely loving the 90's/2000's Alt-Rock vibes.
  8. Horses sounds like the type of song that will get me fully back on the bandwagon!

  9. Wait at her actually releasing a song the same week she said it was “coming soon” for once. We won!
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  10. Need a Leona ft.
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  11. I choked.

  12. The way this is going to be my AOTY
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  13. Horses is so good, her best one yet.
  14. Oh this is great!
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  15. I love "Horses"!
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  16. aux


    “Horses” is phenomenal. I adore the chorus, it’s beautiful.
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  17. Horses is not hitting for me yet. She's done this song better before. It's weirdly muted / underproduced but she doesn't dial her vocal down to fit.
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  18. Horses is a stunner.
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