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Maggie Rogers - Surrender

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. The production of her vocals *is* a bit weird and shrill, but I think what she's going for is giving us a classic Maggie mid-tempo that also fits within the rawer/noisier sound of the album overall. The underlying song is among the best she's ever written, in my opinion.
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  2. The first song she’s released this era that I’ve enjoyed. Horses is gorgeous
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  3. She's really living her Indigo Girls/Michfest fantasy in that video.

    Horses is a good song, I just wish she wasn't screaming throughout the whole thing.
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  4. Horses is the best of the three songs she’s previewed so far. I love the production, the feedback, guitars… all of it. She’s always been a wonderful singer but occasionally, I would find myself wishing that she would hold less back and she’s done just that. I can’t wait for the full album.
  5. Horses is the one so far. I’m curious to see if this will be a case f the whole album working better as a whole
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  6. It’s shaping up to be a ‘Night Time, Maggie Time’.
  7. The album truly feels like a step-up from Heard It In a Past Life. "Horses" wasn't a great pre-album sample but it'll officially be here in a week! Can't wait to hear all of the production in HQ, especially "Be Cool" and "Begging for Rain".
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  8. I would stan this girl group
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  9. I just want to throw it out there before the album is released... I haven't listened to the leak, but the 3 singles have all grown on me so strongly to the point that I can't stop playing them. They each took varying amounts of time with me, so I'm not going to give an immediate verdict on the album, but if the rest is of the same caliber as the singles, this could be one of my albums of the year - easily.

    I think the visuals threw me off in the beginning. They're a little over the top for me, but each single and video has helped me make more sense of where she's coming from stylistically. The raw vocals combined with the heavily layered, vibrant instrumentals... It's all tied to this big cathartic energy. When I first heard Horses I was thinking "I like this, but why is she screaming at me?" and now I'm thinking "Well, thank God for the one-take-and-done approach because I'm feeling every emotion in this right now."

    I guess what I'm trying to say is I surrender, luvs. This is all really great so far. Bring on the album!
  10. I am obsessed with this song. It’s my pain anthem.
  11. I will say that the vocal mixing is kind of odd on these songs (mainly Horses, That's Where I Am to a lesser degree)...I think the lead vocals could have used a little more reverb to give them some more space in the mix.
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  12. Maggie will be on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon July 26th:

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  13. I also avoided the leak and have been getting in my feelings screaming HORSES with Mags and realized this album could be a huge step up AND a really connected listen. Every single has a through line and you can tell Maggie is hungry for it. The fact that we get this and Beyoncé on Friday?!
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  14. She’ll be performing Want Want tonight on Fallon…we won!
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  15. I lost
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  16. Out of the three, "Horses" might have made the best impression but "Want Want" is cute.
  17. Was not expecting her to do those high belts/screams live. A star!
  18. Incredible performance! I really hope there's another sugar high like Want Want coming Friday.
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  19. This was spectacular and finally made the song really click with me. Well done Maggie!
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