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Maggie Rogers - Surrender

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. My brain is too trapped in Renaissance to form coherent thoughts, but this album is great! All of the singles slowly became my most played songs of the year & everything lives up to those. Overdrive & Shatter are the ones.
  2. The line “thinking of you giving head”… “go down on you in a theatre.” I must admit the thought crossed my mind when I first heard it. The production on Horses also reminded me a little of Hands Clean, but I don’t actually agree with the comparison. They’re very different artists.
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  3. In the best way, Surrender feels like a record that might have a huge following in the mid-late 90s, to the point where you'd see dozens of low priced used copies 10+ years later. The jewel cases would be scratched, the booklets with loose staples. In another world, almost every song was a single and Maggie played every late night show. It makes me curious how it will be received now, where many of the influences on this record are hitting 20 or 30 year anniversaries.

    She lead with the perfect trio of songs to preview the sound. Horses is even more of a catharsis following the first four songs, and then I love how Be Cool chills things out after that ride. Shatter stands out for introducing a more 80s New Wave rock, with a snarl and personality to her voice elevates this and all of the songs. I'm impressed at the risks she takes and how the production occasionally introduces distortion mixed with reverb.

    Begging For Rain is the festival torch song entire audience harmonizes to. It's the first moment where I'm wondering if specific songs were influenced by her recent education. Then there's I've Got a Friend, the first song that feels inessential in the listening experience. It's an intimate escape from the other songs but I don't necessarily want the escape. I still appreciate them weirding it up with the spoken word and drunken piano.

    Thankfully, Honey comes in to pick the vibes back up for the closing lap. It's a bit similar to That's Where I Am, but I like the energy it reintroduces. Symphony brings a night time sound, gritty and free form offering a relaxing breath before the last song. The way the instrumental outro rises and collapses into itself is such a welcomed change of pace from a fairly frenetic record. Different Kind of World acts as an end credits theme more than anything, giving the album the period it deserves.

    For how drawn out the campaign was, I'm glad it ended with such a strong record. I think it's going to soundtrack the crispness of autumn as people start to spend more time indoors heading into winter. I plan on taking it for many a city walk and having main character moments aplenty.
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  4. I love it and will get loads of mileage from this. Girlfriend turned it out!
  5. She got a 7.3 from Pitchfork which feels notable only because they gave Heard It In A Past Life an appalling 5.9.
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  6. If I were to compare Surrender (great title) to anything it would be Sheryl’s Crow’s CLASSIC sophomore album.
  7. The payoff in Anywhere With You is quite a moment. Goosebump-inducing territory.
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  8. Well, I gave it a quick listen (I've been unexpectedly floored by Renaissance), and ... I will give it some more time before sharing my opinion.

    Of the non-singles, I particularly liked Be Cool and Shatter, though.
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  9. Oooh I like that. I want to listen to it, but Beyonce is all up in my mind right now
  10. I've been going back and forth between this and Beyonce's opus, and both are so, so wonderful in their own way.
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  11. I’m so glad I actually like this because I wasn’t hugely in love with the first 2 singles. Shatter and Anywhere With You immediately stood out along with Symphony.
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  12. The album is so manic ddd. It’s actually the moments when she allows herself to take a breath I find to be much stronger. “Symphony” (the production!) and especially “Begging For Rain” are stunning.
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  13. SUCH a great album, she did that. I'm loving the 90's alt-rock references across the board, and how it's such a great evolution for her. It's a bit more experimental than Heard It In A Past Life, and definitely much more in your face, but I love that about it. Listening to Notes from the Archive shows that she's had a lot of different kinds of influence in her that we didn't really see on her debut, so I'm glad she's starting to show more of it.

    I love the bit of Jon Batiste on I've Got A Friend.
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  14. I am now listening to Surrender for the fourth time. It seems to be an album where there are layers because I discover new details on each listen. The 90s vibe is cool, and it made me want to put on PJ Harvey's 90s albums. I have yet to connect with "Shatter" but all the other songs on Surrender speak to me. "Anywhere with You" is a gem. "Be Cool" is lovely. I appreciate the grit of the three final tracks.
  15. Some initial thoughts: This is a very uncool-sounding album, and I don't mean that as a slight. It just seems to exist in its own vacuum, like a lost album from late '90s/early '00s pop/rock scene. Lillix actually came to mind a couple times?!?! It's odd, there's some distinct rock energy to some of it which is exciting, but then there are some borderline cheesy songs to my ears that have, like, extreme Dawson's Creek energy (Overdrive, Be Cool, I've Got a Friend). It's all very earnest and heartfelt, and sort of out-of-fashion right now? Some of these songs would have slapped on a Gap in-store playlist from 2003.

    Again, this all reads more shady than I intend for it to, and I need more time with it, but is this making sense to anyone? Dddd. I think what throws me off is when I think of this as the same artist who made Alaska, which I know is a mistake to do in itself.
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  16. When I first played this, it definitely put me in the 1998 type feel, of like a Sheryl Crow 'Globe Sessions' or Heather Nova/Alanis etc. Again, in the best possible way.
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  17. Yep, I'm definitely getting the late 90s throwback vibe that others are hearing too. Part of the reason I'm loving it so much!
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  18. Only had one listen of it but I really loved it. Think it's only going to grow on me.
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  19. I don't really care if it nearly kills me
    I'd give you the world if you wanted to
    I can feel it in my fists, it's time to shatter
    I'd do anything just to feel with, with you

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