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Maggie Rogers - Surrender

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. I cannot stop listening to this album! It’s just glorious.

    Also if you like the sound of this I’m finding Ani Difranco’s Not a Pretty Girl/Dilate are the perfect companion pieces to this 90’a throwback sound.

  2. It’s lovely to read everyone’s opinions about the new album!

    Hooray for Surrender entering the UK charts as high as it did!

    I’ve been listening to the album every day and I still want to listen to it over and over again.
  3. Anywhere With You is giving girl version of The Killers and I for one am here for it.
  4. Maggie wishes she had an Untouchable Face in her bag...
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  5. I mean doesn’t everyone? But Let me hype Ani and the 90’s vibe.
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  6. Slightly irrelevant side note: I should like her but have never been able to vibe with Ani.
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    Ecstatic for her!
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  8. Come talk about it in the Ani DiFranco thread and maybe we can get you on board!
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  9. She did amazing in the UK charts, really liking the album.
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    Honey is huge. This album keeps growing and growing on me.
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  11. I didn't see anyone post about it—or any word of it anywhere really!?—but Surrender debuted at #12 in the US, which is a little bit of a letdown I'd think, especially with the variety of physical editions available. Heard It in a Past Life debuted at #2 in 2019.
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  12. Debuting at #12 is definitely a bit of a disappointment compared to Heard It In A Past Life but that record had literal years of build-up starting with Alaska going viral, while she did virtually no US promo this time around outside of 1 performance on Fallon and she had the misfortune of releasing on the same day as Beyoncé who dominated the entire news cycle. The good news is that the original HDD predictions had her outside of the top 20 so for her to wind up at #12 means she picked up momentum throughout the week and the critical reception has been great (currently sitting at an 80 on metacritic compared to 71 for her debut). And the music is great, which is the most important thing!
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  13. This album is so good I could cry. I put it on yesterday morning when I woke up and just let it play in full (well not I've Got a Friend of course dd). She did quite a bit more than what needed to be done. Begging For Rain honestly ends me...
  14. I've had Want Want trapped in my brain since I first heard it this morning
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