Maggie Rogers

The in-person box office presale is kind of a legend move for an act like her. It shouldn't be chaos but fans who want want tickets have a better chance of snatching. (Imagine Taylor doing this dd. Chaos.)
I love Maggie "Summer of '23" Rogers.

This actually does seem like a fantastic idea though (at least in theory), so kudos to her.
The tour dates end right before Opener festival in Poland and I secretly hope that she will be announced. I want want that very much.
Good on her for at least trying to offer alternative solutions for such a broken system. Music Hall of Williamsburg posted an IG this morning of the line and it goes on for blocks and blocks so she at least got the kids out for this here
Hmmm that summer LA date is very ambitious considering she just played there last January at a 6,000-capacity venue that barely sold out.