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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. @Vasilios I think you'll enjoy both of these tracks.
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  2. I saw her perform at the Mabel 'Ivy To Roses' launch concert and she was fantastic! Such a cool girl with such a sweet voice.

    Her album's quite nice too!

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  6. Just stumbled on Sober. It's so good.
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  8. Jorja Smith collab could be on its way!

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  9. The SCREAM I let out, oh my god.
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  10. New single I Wish I Missed My Ex is out tomorrow.

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  11. HOW is this thread only one page long. Criminal.
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  12. She's just so chill, I adore her. I Wish I Missed My Ex is such a nice breezy tune.
  13. Seeing her live at the end of the month. SO EXCITED
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  14. I Wish I Missed My Ex sounds so lush with the full band. I wish more radio sessions were like that instead of being ~slow, haunting and acoustic~.
  15. I didn't see it posted, but this remix is heavenly. I stan. @Mr.Arroz and @Vasilios pretty sure you'll both love this too if you haven't already heard.

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  16. New EP is out for whoever is already living September 21st.
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