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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Damn, this Jarreau Vandal remix of Whenever You're Ready is a total dream!

    Such silky smooth hop energy. His Sober remix is a classic too. Collab EP please!
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  2. tea


    Whenever Youre Ready is such a boppppp. Im so hyped for her album!
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  4. New single with AJ Tracey:

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  5. She said her album is coming soon in the Youtube comments
  6. And another bop by Miss Mahalia! She doesn't have a bad song to her name.

    Come on slight choreography!
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  7. Mahalia has become the bop queen we thought Mabel would be. Another amazing song to add to an already long list!
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  8. The song is so FUN!!!
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  9. tea


    Yeah this slaps. They both killed this. She's 3/3.
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  11. Roadside remix:

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  12. Acoustic version of Roadside:

  13. Top of the Pops performance of Roadside:

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  14. New single out this Friday:

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  15. Whenever You're Ready is massive. Where's the album?
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  16. She’s in LA at the moment presumably still writing and recording so I have no idea.
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  17. That was short but sweet, she just never misses!
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