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Maisie Peters - You Signed Up for This

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, May 29, 2018.

  1. I like it a whole lot. I already bought the personally signed vinyl but let me give her more streams to push to #1.
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  2. Yeah, she's number 2 in the mid-weeks. I am so excited for her. I might die if she got to #1.

    I'm also a bit smugly not surprised. Having pretty intently followed her for a couple of years her fanbase is nuts (in mainly a good, supportive way...ha!) She has a very hardcore contingent... an 'army' if you will. The British press has also been very supportive of her too the last couple of years... (which has been nice to witness, honestly.) As such, I could see her album doing that movie-box-office thing of opening huge & then fading kinda fast. Being very front-loaded. I am completely fine with that.

    @swim is right about the Kate comparison (and I adore Kate). She has always given off more Lily/Kate vibes to me even more than her beloved Taylor, but don't tell her that. Her whole arc from weekend busker /YouTube sensation to pop star has been very 00s Lily Allen/Kate Nash to me (maybe even Ed Sheeran some...don't come for me!) & I wasn't really certain that kind of career arc could really happen the same way anymore since the the industry is just so different from 15 years ago. There's been an old school quaintness to her rise that makes her even more interesting to me.
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  4. Number two in the charts and a PJSC winner. Where will she go next!
  5. Kanye blocking Halsey from a US #1 and Maisie from a UK #1...

  6. I know I listened to Scott Mills call her live on the Chart Show. I was both excited for her to get #2 & disappointed at the same time. effing Kayne. *sigh*

    Still I can't believe she was able to snag a #2 album placing with her debut. So proud of her. She also was the highest selling artist in the UK independent record shops. Indie Queen!
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  7. 30 minute set from Lafayette is up on her channel

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  8. She’s at the VMAs tonight with Ed!

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  9. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

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  10. She's been in the U.S. doing some promo

    ... so I wondered if she would make a VMA appearance.
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  11. Kinda living for performance of 'Psycho' on Kelly's show today.

    She's such a little ball of energy.

    (music intensifies)
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  12. Literal perfection.

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  13. I watched this earlier this week & meant to post it. It's a cute little track-by-track with her.

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  14. New feature out today

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  15. The video for 'Song You'll Never Hear' came out. Maisie is great in the song & video.

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  16. The Ed dates will be great further exposure/hopefully a fantastic experience... so I'm very pleased for her. (Griff, too!)
  17. It's gotten to the point where Maisie is 100% one of my favourite artists of all time. Her music makes me so happy and I have managed to get my partner into her too, so I feel accomplished. I hope I am able to see her live at some point in my life.
  18. I'm actually going to her gig tonight, I hope she sticks mainly to the album as I can't get into those pre YSUFI tracks.
  19. Blonde Maisie is a mood!

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