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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Another slice of Scandinavian loveliness although less electronic than many of her contemporaries - this is more of a junior Jenny Wilson or first album Lykke. Loving it whatever the genre. Also reminds me a bit of Kate Miller-Heidke.
  2. A promising debut single if I've ever heard one. I hope there's more where this came from!
  3. Me too. It's very promising indeed.
  4. Saw Maja at Popaganda in Sweden yesterday. I tell you she has star quality by the bucketload. She opened proceedings yesterday afternoon and came back at the very end of the day to do her 'Last Days' song acoustically with Seinabo Sey during her headline set - it was breathtaking.
  5. Yes yes yes to the new single 'Come Companion'. She might be my favourite of the new Scandi artists - I was bewitched by her when I saw her play live in Sweden. She has such a lovely voice and isn't chasing a particular sound. Just gorgeous.
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  6. Beautiful lyric video. Really genuinely surprised that more folk aren't as besotted with Maja as I am. She's totally the leader of the Scandi new pop pack for me.
  7. I love her as well. Långsam on the new EP is a wonderful song. Come Companion isn't working for me yet. I hope it'll click eventually.
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  8. The EP is perfect. I hope we get an album next. She deserves to be huge on here.
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  9. Oh really? I adore Come Companion already
  10. Gorgeous video for 'Come Companion'.
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  11. Every single frame of the' Come Companion' video matches the feel of the song. She has totally nailed an aesthetic and it just irks me that more people are not under her spell in the way I am! She is absolute perfection.
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  12. She's bloody amazing. Really hope we get a full (at least 12 track) album this year.
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  13. This song and video are so so good. Super interested in where she goes.
  14. We are finally getting new music this week. She keeps teasing #imnotadisco. Last Days Of Dancing and Come Companion remain perfect.
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  15. FINALLY. I demand an album this time - or at least a longer EP!

    By the way, could we change the thread title to General Maja Francis Thread, or something?
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  16. Done.
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  17. Love her vibe!
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  18. I was listening The Last Days of Dancing. Gonna listen the others.
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