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Majid Jordan - “Waves of Blue” + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. I used to be full team Majid but Jordan this era, woof.
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  2. This sounds so 80’s but so current! Come to think of it, this wouldn’t feel totally out of place being sung by The Weeknd.

    They’ve always been consistent but this year’s singles are some of their best ever, especially Waves of Blue and Summer Rain.
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  3. Have they said anything about an album? I can't at this taking 4 years to come out.
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  4. They said they were "working on finishing" it back in April, but we're three singles deep for this era so you'd think we'd hear something soon.
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  5. Album announcement Friday?
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  6. Highly obsessed with Summer Rain right now. Easily one of their best.

    This album (if it exists?!) will be bomb.
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  7. They've (once again) teased some kind of announcement and nothing happened but it seems like the album is on its way...

  8. Can Majid finalize me already pls.
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  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Summer Rain is another 11/10 bop! Whew.
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  10. I'm very confused about this artwork but happy we have an album birthing.
  11. FINALLY, THANK GOD! And soon enough as well! I really like the album cover, the lightning gives me a Fleetwood Mac's Mirage vibe. And a close-up of two hot people always works.
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  12. 'Summer Rain' is giving me Maroon 5's 'It Was Always You' meets The Weeknd, for sure.

    Edit: Whoa, just noticed Jason Evigan co-wrote 'Summer Rain'. This makes so much sense.
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  13. Been Through That and Summer Rain are nice 6 and 7 out of 10's for me. Waves of Blue is the one to beat, I really hope Koz produced some other tracks on the album.
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  14. They were in the studio with him a lot in the early days of quarantine last year so here’s hoping!
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  15. Been Through That is super underrated to me. It keeps growing and growing. Such a groove.
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  16. Four days! Can't believe we're getting new albums from Majid Jordan and Agnes and a new ABBA banger in one day.
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  17. Is there no pre-order for this? This low-key release is giving last album on the contract.
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  18. That's a change of pace. Doesn't really go anywhere but I like it!

    Koz, Dua's main producer, co-produced most of these tracks so far. This one is serving IDGAF (but less of a snooze).
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    Album preorder's finally up, 11 tracks. They're really just going to pretend like the 2018/2019 singles never happened, crazy when Superstar still slaps.
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