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Making A Murderer

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. This needs its own thread. I watched six episodes yesterday and I'm hooked. It's infuriating and sickening. Well worth a watch.

    Use the spoiler tag!
  2. I'm still stuck on episode 4.

    I find it a REALLY sad show that is REALLY hard to watch. It's phenomenally done but it is just so tragic.
    The fact that those police people don't seem to have any conscience is sickening.
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  3. I'm on the eight episode in less than 24 hours.

    It's fucking insane.
  4. K94


    Is it like a doc or a drama - I've been hearing things and it sounds juicy.
  5. Watch it right now.

    It's a documentary compiled in such a dramatic manner.

    I'm on episode nine and I continue to be shocked each episode.
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  6. I do think it's pretty appalling what happened, but then we're only seeing it from the side of the defence. I wonder if it was truly objective, would it get the same reaction?
  7. Just watching Brendan's "confession", I am about a thousand million % sure he didn't have anything to do with it.
    The state took advantage of a kid with low mental capability and ruined his life.

    So regardless if the documentary is biased in favour of the defense, what happened to that kid is absolutely inexcusable and makes me sick to my stomach. We saw enough of the police tapes to know this to be the truth.

    And there is no true objective side to this case. Judging by the court tapes, the prosecution was just as biased as the defense would be. You can't just lock these people away when you have so much reasonable doubt. Case closed.
  8. I think the point of it being very much on the defense side is that there's so much evidence of reasonable doubt to be had. It's quite shocking and doesn't take a typical media influenced side of portraying the guy who was given a guilty sentence as the monster but as the victim. Is he innocent? I don't know but there's enough doubt for me to say that the case was so set up in favour of locking the guy up no matter what and his nephew was an easy way to influence this too. I feel like the media already showed the bad side to these two guys and this is a way to show what happened leading up to the verdict. It's quite sickening. So much seems set up.
  9. I believe 100% the kid had 0 involvement, and pretty sure Steven didn't either. I can't believe they are locked up still. The main prosecutor guy made my stomach churn. Than high pitched squeak voice.
  10. Ew his voice is disgusting. Sounds cowardly. He was involved in a sexting scandal too. Who would want THAT sexting them?
  11. not me!
  12. It was very troubling that it was allowed to happen - twice.

    It's clear that there was bias from the town against the family, which spilt over into the jury. The trial, in hindsight should have been held well away from the town. Unfortunately it would be impossible to retrial impartially now.

    It should be looked at, but they need to be careful. Because it sets a precedent that could open the floodgates.
  13. My biggest question coming away from it:

    Who was the 'international recording artist' on the jury?!
  14. Hahah I was wondering that too. They were from the local area.

    Off to google!
  15. Just binge watched this over two days. Absolutely extraordinary. Still reflecting on it now. Anyone else in the middle of it or finished it? Brilliant film-making.
  16. I'm on episode five and continually astounded by it. I keep having to Google 'Stephen Avery' to make sure all these things actually happened. I can't believe it took a Netflix series for this story to reach me. It's positively scandalous.
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  17. Same here. I didn't know about the case either. Prepare to become even more astounded as you continue through the series.
  18. There's already a thread for this.

    Its truly awful that it was allowed to happen.

    I don't think the show has done his case any favours, sure everyone believes he's innocent, and he probably is of those charges. But now with millions having seen the show, can they re-open the case and guarantee an impartial appeal? I'm not sure they can. And it also brings into question whether an edited TV show with an agenda should be grounds to re-open a case?

    It really is troubling, and I don't know how they can fix it without causing problems for courts all over the country / world. Because there are probably lots of people behind bars who think they're there unjustly.
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  19. Sorry. I did do a search first, as always, but nothing came up.

  20. The moody cello is nice enough but obviously this should've been the theme song instead.
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