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Making The Band - UK (Popstars)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by unidan82, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. What does everyone feel about a making the band in the UK?
    i really think we are in desperate need of a proper, and talented 5 piece boy/girl band.

    We're never going to get a good group on X-Factor, cos they all form themselves.

    I really think manufactured is best.
    Would they have pub footie teams in the premiership? don't think so!

    Someone needs to start a campaign for us to have a new popstars or making the band!!!!!
  2. The truth is, despite creating the best band possible, the last one didn't exactly get fantastic ratings.
  3. The problem is if the public are choosing the members, there's little chance of them picking people who fit well together. It was highlighted most of all with One True Voice, which had two members who sang r'n'b/soul music, two young Westlife wannabe types and one rock singer - how on Earth do you market a band that is pulling in so many directions? And even if you become a fan of some of the members through watching the show, you're unlikely to like all of them. New bands really need to be seen as a group first before developing individual characters, because those characters will inevitably be compromised when a musical and styling direction is chosen.

  4. i don't know, i think One True Voice were actually ok and kinda was just the dire ridiculous songs they were given.
    Pete Waterman should retire from music altogether after that awful idea of management.

    i REALLY want a new popstars show. but a making the band would be good, cos the public in general can't be trusted (although they did decide on Nicola and Kimberley being in GA, oh and also Sarah who almost didnt).

    i dunno...i just think we need one more show for a band making scheme, that isnt self made rubbish like the bands on x-factor.
  5. The public managed to create Girls Aloud; the so-called experts created Hear'Say. I liked Hear'Say, but the public quickly went off them.
  6. i think the main thing about hear'say was the serious overpromotion. they were just rammed down the publics throats..
    books, tv-shows, dolls, etc etc etc etc etc etc
    I really liked them but i just got sick of seeing them on everything and knowing every little useless fact about them.
    - think maybe they tried to do a spice girls sort of thing with them.

    - and also, they didnt look right as a band, noel and danny just didnt fit.

    like if girls aloud had Javine.... she'd dwarf the rest of them and they'd look wrong.
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