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Making the Cut - Amazon Fashion Series, Heidi & Tim

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. YAS @ Robin getting them coins.
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  2. I'm a sucker for fashion designer shows so count me in!
  3. I'll watch, but let's face it: Next In Fashion got in there first.
  4. The disrespect...

  5. Uno


    I love the idea of Next In Fashion but the cringey presenters and constant double eliminations we’re not it for me.

    Im very excited to see Naomi back on TV! The Face was EVERYTHING.
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  6. I miss The Face! It was so much fun to have Naomi shading Coco Rocha every other minute of every episode.
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  7. Anyone watching this? First two episodes are up on Prime now and it’s definitely scratching that fashion reality TV show itch.

    I mean, Heidi! Tim! NAOMI! Carine Roitfeld and her amazing eyebrows!

    It’s a lot of fun and some of the designs are incredible.
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  8. I prefer Next In Fashion. The format of this is weird and Heidi seems out of place in a tv show about high fashion. Naomi is amazing as usual though.
  9. For me this is already way better than Next In Fashion, which suffered from some awful challenges and designs. I also didn't like how the contestants were paired up for so long.

    I missed Heidi and Tim! Naomi is a great addition and the runway shows are gorgeous!
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  10. The amount of money being spent on this’s the most beautifully shot thing I’ve ever seen on television.
  11. Uno


    Naomi and Heidi are really not letting anyone get away with any excuses, and I am here for it!

    Also, I agree - the budget on this show is insane. Flying all the contestant to NYC just for a meet & greet, then flying them immediately to London, now Tokyo. Plus the $1million prize. They didn’t come to play.
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  12. I was looking for this thread but couldn’t find it!

    I binged all the episodes out so far this weekend. Yes! The budget is insane and the direction and cinematography is just breathtaking. I love the vignettes with Heidi and Tim around the city. At first I hated that they did not critique all the contestants but I like when they do, it’s a full on critique.

    Naomi did not come to the show to pamper herself at these locales. She came to work! I love how she drags a designer who puts out shit.
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  13. I agree with all of the above. I'd watch anything with Heidi and Naomi, but this really is the cherry on top of the designing shows.
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  14. Naomi is EVERYTHING, so I’ll be watching this.
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  15. Yeah I can’t really think of a comparable reality show where money is just clearly thrown at it like this.
  16. This show is amazing. The budget is unreal and it's paying off because i'm invested. Needs MORE Naomi Campbell in future seasons, please. She alone is worth watching this show for, not to mention all the other amazing aspects.
    I've been liking the new Project Runway honestly, but damn Heidi and Tim blew it out of the water with this one.

    That said, Esther is my fave and I hope she wins.
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  17. Really? I thought the format is refreshing and so much better than Next In Fashion.
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  18. I found out who the winner is in Next in Fashion and couldn’t be bothered to watch the last few episodes.

    After watching the latest two episodes, Making the Cut is really the premiere design show now. After 6 episodes I think the show has found its footing and I LOVE the docu-series format it’s following. We get a regular design competition show but we find out more about the designers and their motivations. I like how in each episode the judges pick certain designers to explain their motivations and why they deserve this platform (even if they are already established). Selling yourself well can keep you in the competition and I love how the judges are more in-depth with their critiques. Something that Project Runway would easily leave out on the editing floor. The show must be so expensive to make but I hope we get a few more seasons of it.
  19. Naomi is that fucking BINCH. There’s a reason the fags worship ha and the season provided even more stan worthy content
    (Wearing sunglasses while its pouring rain? Only Legends!)

    Love Esther and she probably deserves to win but Johnny’s style is more my own so I gotta pull for him.

    Hbu hunties?
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  20. Ester needs to push outside her comfort zone just a little more. She also needs to take off that awful hat.

    Naomi is amazing though and she really adds a lot to the critiques. I miss Nicole for the Japan section as the “influencer” they have instead is dull and rings nothing to the table... and also, who is she? No one.
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