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Making the Cut - Amazon Fashion Series, Heidi & Tim

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. Why? I’m so disenchanted with this show.

  2. This. SHOW. IS.

  3. This show is awful, but I can’t stop watching it! It helps that it’s a short run and airs when I’m craving Project Runway.
  4. The show is an abomination to the human race, yet in yaaassssing here at its renewal.
  5. The show is awful yet I am perched!!
  6. I loved Season 1, but the 2nd was unwatchable.
  7. Absolutely shocked it was renewed after that 2nd season.

    I did like the 1st season but I feel like that was purely down to budget and NAOMI CAMPBELL. Amazon throws COINS at this show.
  8. I'm not shocked. The bar for original content at Prime is really low and just exists to serve as a bundle for people to buy their stuff.
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  9. Same. I mean, I don't think I got past the first episode of season 2. It was a terrible decline in quality between seasons -- even taking Covid production challenges into consideration.
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  10. I didn't even bother with season 2 after the reviews y'all gave it. Season 1 was great up until the end when it seemed that the person in charge of Amazon Fashion that they met with really had the final say in who won-- who was not my choice at all but was clearly the most Amazon-friendly designer. And ... I don't care what would be best for f*cking Amazon, the best designer should win and that should be that.
  11. Season 1 lost me when they visited the sweat shop where the winner makes his clothes.
  12. I preferred the format to season two. I didn't like all the unnecessary trips around the world and I liked that we saw the designers do more than leave notes for the seamstress. I did think the judging was better in season one. You can't get any better than Naomi Campbell when talking about fashion.
  13. They should've taken all the money they saved by not doing random trips for season 2 and used that money to bring Naomi back for season 2. She was the best part of season 1.

    I apparently missed that. I have no memory of it?
  14. Bring back Naomi. She made the show enjoyable.
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  15. Shortly after Naomi bounced, so did I (I think making it like three episodes into Season 2?)

    Let me echo that unless they can somehow get on board, life's too short for this show again.
  16. I think the biggest problem with the show is Amazon. Winning the competition is all about low cost and mass market.

    I originally thought the show was an attempt by Amazon to take away some of Farfetch’s fashion credentials.

    That said, I’ll probably still watch season 3.
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  17. Season 3 starts August 19th

    Really hoping it's better than last season
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  18. Name a more iconic duo.

    I suppose Naomi Campbell is just one person (with more star power than two), I see what they did there…
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  19. Can't wait to hate watch this! At the same time please redeem itself.
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  20. God I really hope it’s a step up from Season 2. Of course the Covid limitations fucked this show up massively, but I hope they were able to travel a bit within America for this season to change it up a bit? The warehouse in the woods and crappy challenges made last season a true hate watch.
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