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Malignant 2: Malignanter.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. There is a lot of discussion going on in the horror thread about James Wan's insane and campy new film, Malignant. I thought it was enough to warrant its own thread.

    Malignant is a wholesome tale of two sisters and...pretty much anything else would be a spoiler. But it's like a carnival ride of 70s and 80s horror tropes, with a little bit of Old Boy and Kill Bill thrown into the mix. It's entertaining as hell and I loved it.

    Anyways, discuss all your favorite Cutting Out The Cancer moments here.
  2. Little Gabriels rise up, this is our time

  3. Gabriel sucking the lives out of all her bandaid babies, a true icon.
  4. One of my favorite moments was when Miss Gabriel SHIFTED flop Madison AKA Emily May's wig a little to tell her who's boss and then proceeds to kill her SISTER.

    Gabriel has clearly made several 'appearances' before the Emily era:

  5. Me when Gabriel started calling, texting, facebook messaging, snapchatting, instagramming, and posting onlyfans content to torment the lead characters:
  6. I absolutely love gays.
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  7. Would Gabriel relocate to the east cost because I could see her saving RHONY.
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  8. Not Kim K revealing herself as a fan and cosplaying as Gabriel!

  9. Who will Miss Gabi take over tho? SONJARITA?

    One of you Little Gabriels better comment on the pic so his legacy lives on! And we get a SHEQUEL.
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  11. Dorinda… Gabriel would be the “nice one”.
  12. … Why am i calling the police?
  13. Dr Florence: What do you want from me?

    (Big Pop Gurl) Gabriel: To show you what the cancer have become!


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  14. Gabriel is Beverly, Madison is Danielle.
  15. What even is that scene in the jail cell? The butch lesbians right out of a women in prison exploitation movie. The woman cosplaying as Beyoncé in Goldmember. The absolute grand guignol carnage.
  16. Quite enjoyed Zoe Bell as Aileen Wuornos in that jail cell scene myself
  17. It’s the Telephone 2 video the Faguettes have been asking for but reimagined by Miss Wan.

    “You’ve been a bad bad boy Gabriel.”
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  18. The women’s prison scene was animation surely? They didn’t really create those comic stereotypes in real life?
  19. I can’t get this movie out of my head. I really love the overhead shot of Madison running through the house. Also the surround sound when the space around her morphs made me feel like I was going crazy.

    Also, here a link to the vinyl soundtrack in case anyone is interested.
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