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Malignant 2: Malignanter.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. Let's get this thread to 1000 pages little Gabriel's! I love Miss Gabriel tormenting people on the phone like

  2. Us Little Gabriels won’t rest until every faguette of PJ watch this masterpiece. Keep it on the top and first page!

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  3. This Choreo

  4. This movie was made to be a haunted house featured at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights.

    Also, can we talk about how the hospital from 1993 had wooden wheelchairs from the 1800s?
  5. THE GIF ☠️☠️
  6. I howled when they showed that rendering of child Emily aged up by 30 years and it was a fully lit perfect 4K headshot of Maddie. That AI better work!

  7. Can we also talk about the hospital that is next to a cliff, that looks like Dracula's goddamn castle and how when the sister goes there to do her "research" she parks right at the edge of that cliff.

    If someone asked me, "Is Malignant a good movie?", I would have to say, "I dont know how to answer that but it brings me much joy."
  8. Edu


    Give him the moon person for Best Choreography tonight at the VMAs, honestly.
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  9. I told my boyfriend after it was over that it felt like am underdeveloped fetus attached to my spinal cord projected the movie into my ocular nerve, as it all felt so goddamn surreal.
  10. When she parked that car!!!!! I was like who the hell would park that close to the edge.
  11. I refuse to believe James Wan didn’t laugh when he saw the final shot of that scene in the gif. I mean he fully knew what he was doing greenlighting that choreo (LaurieAnn wishes). And telling Emily’s sister to park RIGHT AT THE EDGE OF THAT CLIFF. Like an inch more she would’ve plummeted to her death just like Tom Girardi.

    Miss Wan is the girl we knew she was.
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  12. Whenever they showed legend Gabrielle attached to that child with his little struggle arms swinging around I just wish someone would play patty cake with him or maybe paint his nails. We gonna make you look fabulous queen! Work!
  13. Mashable knowing the REAL TEA.

    'Malignant' is a campy yet creepy cult classic in the making
    If you like James Wan's latest movie today, then you'll love it in 10 years

    and other GE-LOWING reviews:

    ‘Malignant’ on HBO Max, James Wan’s Most Deranged and Visionary Horror Flick Yet

    James Wan’s Malignant Is a Bloody, Bonkers, and Beautiful Return to Form

    Gory, goofy 'Malignant' a wild ride for horror faithful

    Anything Goes in James Wan’s Delightfully Demented Slasher

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  14. Loving these!
  15. Somebody needs to update this art with Queen Gabrielle as their adopted child.

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  16. I watched it last night.

    It was absurd, over the top, ridiculous and hilariously bad, and I loved it.

    I didn't get 80's Italian Giallo vibes from it though, I got more of a David Cronenberg/body horror (especially The Brood) meets The Eyes Of Laura Mars.
  18. When I was showering today the bathroom light flickered…


  19. I had an inkling from the opening credits, but goddamn I did not expect it to go anywhere near as far as it did. I was basically screaming at the TV from Serena falling through the roof until the end of the film.

    The third act was very
    and yes, yes I did.
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