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Malignant 2: Malignanter.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. I laughed out loud when that lady fell from the roof. So ridiculous but amazing! The way James Wan put that gigantic fan in the scene for maximum "THAT'S WHY NO ONE HEARD HER STRUGGLING" teas.
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  2. Honestly I didn’t clock it but who tf has a fan that big in their attic of all places?!

    Wan really nailed the tone though, the hysteria built and built to that incredible jail cell scene when everything just exploded. The chair throw scene had me cackling. Queen of aiming!

    I can’t wait to watch it again.
  3. I'm still a bit gagged that Gabriel was
    eating babies.
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  4. I'm off work this entire week. Will I be watching this piece of art again?

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  5. They are low on calories. Skinny legend! Mariah better watch her back.

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  6. So skinny that he lives inside a cranium!! Icon.
  7. I can’t get the image of Marina Mazepa as Annabelle Wallis as Madison Lake-Mitchell as Emily May as Gabriel click clacking towards the screaming prisoners out of my damn HEAD.
  8. This masterpiece trended number 1.

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  9. Miz Wan upon seeing the Popjustice curse doing it's thing at the box office

  10. Miss Wan didn’t even know the PHAGGERTZ will be stanning the shit out of this when he made the “bro” films from the Fast franchise.

    Let your inner Gaybriel shine thru, James!
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  11. The way every single bad review of this film is just completely wrong

  12. Maybe a flailing, psychic electrode skull-baby was just too ahead of its time for some people??
  13. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    I just watched this, what the fuck was it? Amazing. Plot holes bigger than
    the one in the back of Madison's head

    Chairography. Bones. Everyone having massive apartments and houses. Prisoner: Cell Block Gabriel. Cobwebs on everything. A Victorian carriage getting pushed from behind and then looking inside it. The Disney Castle hospital.
    The sister trying one other box before finding Madison's stuff. The entire storage room still being full like Data Protection wasn't a thing in the 90s. The doc saying "time to cut out the cancer" twice in one day like it was a catchphrase.

    So when is the sequel? Malignant 2: Malignificient.
  14. Why have all Drag Race threads been pinned yet Malignant is left floating, not getting the respect she deserves #Istandwithgabriel
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  15. Okay but the way her cranium just sealed back up by itself at the end through...electrode magic. I don't know a better woman.
  16. E95F36BF-2AB3-4C50-8EC1-D9FB147B096F.jpeg

    Gabriel at the 2021 Met Gala
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  17. I was JUST thinking about this the other day. The way the doctor just casually said, the rest we can’t remove we just put it back in.



    It’s a medical breakthrough! Meredith Grey found rotting.
  18. I am SCREAMING at the replies in this thread.
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