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Malignant 2: Malignanter.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. It’s toime to cut out the cancUH
  2. That part made me laugh the hardest. So if there is just a little bit of extra brain hanging out, just cram it in, sew it up - and hope for the best.

    The funniest horror since Midsommer.
  3. I have a cinema screening to myself for this...

    Here We Go
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  4. I wanted your mom's review too!

    But anyway have fun CYST!
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  5. I have an undying urge to watch this again, cystrens. But I'm holding out my rewatch for IMAX when the cinemas open, it's gonna be soon. I need to witness the action sequence in the prison cell in its full camp glory as Miss Wan intended for it to be seen.

    Looks like the Little Gaybriel in me is dying to come out.

  6. She is not getting away with not seeing this masterpiece.

    Ms Wan really served up everything he could by the platter of unborn fetuses to make us stronger!!!
  7. I had my Dad watch this, it was a hit. The only factor he had queries about was why Gabriel was so acrobatic. Every other plot point? All above board and no questions here.
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  8. I'm just so glad that they went for practical effects with the Gabriel reveal. Those little flailing puppet arms!!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I haven't decided my favourite moment yet..

    I get the giallo vibes when Garbriel is literally jumping through the rain soaked streets all in black (very Trauma), I also get strong Evil Dead Trap vibes from the reveal.

    Did I love this film, I did.
    It reminded me of Orphan, where even if it had gone the slightly boring route it sets it's self up to take (repressed memories, Mads in a mask), it all looks so so good and the cast are so game, you're happy to go along with the ride.

    Then Orig-Mum makes ha escape, then Sis makes her way to that mental hospital from Hell (how does she know to go there?), as Emily-Madison-Ray is interviewed, and the cogs fully start to turn...

    As Baby Gabe makes his grand entrance, and the Prison Scene kicks off, it's BAM CLACK CLACK BACKWARDS HANDS CHAIR THROW SCUTTLE BED TOSS SIS THE END!

    Nothing could have prepared me for the switch-up, and I'm so glad it couldn't. I need to watch it again, I need an extended cut like they did with Dr Sleep and Midsommar, I don't understand how they attempted to give us a happy ending with Origi-Mum grinning like a loon from her hospital bed, when Madison is definitely going to prison after it all.
    It has a higher bodycount than nearly every other slasher, and that husband bastard was unfortunately right... Madison's body was murdering his babies.
    The movements of Gabriel were staggering on inspection, and how he would twist and turn and scuttle which ever way was easiest, front or back. I want behind the scenes videos in how they did it, as it felt like a lot was practicle. I'm also happy the decent cops characters survived for when Gabriel strikes again.

    4/5, which will only increase with time.
  11. I saw everyone raving over this so I immediately rented a movie called Malignant on Prime, failing to see that the one I’d rented was a low-budget pile of shit from 2019, and I’ve just sat there and watched all of it.
  12. I was gooped the entire movie at the sheer love letter to campy horror from my child hood. I think this is my favorite modern horror movie. Ive never had so much fun in a theater. This was wild and fun. I do think the detectives needed to be campier they just felt blah in some scenes.
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  13. Detective Lolly-Pop Henny had Emily Madison on lock from the start
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  14. I wish I could have seen it with someone I could stop laughing in the joy i was having from the reveal onward.
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  15. Truly one of the most unique moviegoing experiences I’ve had in years. Simply unforgettable!

    "Marina was an incredible find. We could not believe it. I thought I had to shoot a lot of the movie in reverse and then playback in reverse. What was amazing about Marina is just how quick of a study she is as a sort of physical body performer [and] dancer, that she was able to learn the choreography, and she literally did all the fighting backwards, blindly! It was insane to sort of watch how that was all choreographed. That huge fight in the holding cell was all done by Marina. There was no sort of trickery, if you will. We didn't cheat in any way. She did that all backwards."
  17. Now if Nicki had said the vaccine had caused her cousin's friends parasitic twin to burst out of his head and take over his body...
  18. When someone tells me this movie isn't iconic

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