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Malignant: Film of the Year

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. A list of every iconic aspect of this movie

  2. The way the main character looked like she was getting ready to do a wig reveal through the whole entire movie. The hair was serving us Charo.
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  3. I would absolutely buy this if it were real.
  4. They have this at the drive-in now. I might have to go for a re-watch. I’d love to hear and see people’s reactions too.
  5. “Why am I calling the police?”. Well…

  6. It reminded me of Inferno. High quality unexpected absurdity.
  7. This movie was so much fun,

    I love that I had no fucking idea what was going on, I genuinely thought it was a ghost for the first 90 mins. The lead actress also gives such classic 80's movie vibes.

    Also I felt so sorry for Gabriel.
  8. The REAL Gabriel is his abs.
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  9. There’s so much to say about it. I went to the cinema on opening night and the walk-outs only added to the experience.

    I still can’t believe the misdirection of the MASSIVE FAN, ha.
  10. Sis it’s his dick.

    And I want it.
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  11. Poor Gabriel probably just wanted Sydney out of the picture so he could have Hot Detective a.k.a. Shaw to himself. He saw how passionately Shaw chased after him following the third doctor's murder. Relatable king!
  12. This is the MENATPLAY vershyuen of the film.
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  13. @lushLuck stampeding through the thread (and dishing out the likes) like Gabriel in that prison cell
  14. I-

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  15. I still haven’t had time to collect my thoughts, but I’ve already told the boyfriend we need to go to a theater stat so I can show it to him for the first time & spread the Gospel of Gabrielle.
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  16. Both of you should enter the cinema with a wig on backwards. Little Gaybriels Unite!
  17. It took about three years for Babadook to become a Gay Icon, it took Gabriel to simply premier.
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  18. Gabriel Clark and Gabriel Phoenix in... Manalignant? Analingus?
  19. I was so ready to drag Miss Emily's bundles on my Letterboxd until it all started making sense.

    The way George Young couldn't act for shit but it didn't matter when he was busy giving bone structure and finding his light - and we loved him for that!

    And of course, what can we say about Miss Gabriel that hasn't been said already...

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  20. BTG


    So did you girls know that, umm, it’s time to cut out the cancuh?
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