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Malignant: Film of the Year

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. BTG


    That was a MESS and I loved every second of it.

    I don't know where to start! The absurd sets! The carriage in a misty underground lair, the medieval wheelchairs in 1993, the Dr Vannacutt Institute perched atop a cliff with all its patients' files still intact.

    There's too many iconic moments to list. The way that doctor says "It's time to cut out the cancuh" twice in one day like she's expecting applause, the same doctor saying 'fuck it' and shoved the rest of Gabriel inside the skull, Gabriel's little arms, Emily's appalling wig, the movements, the way Sydney just guesses that Gabriel is eating babies (she is also clearly blind and never noticed the massive scars that her sister surely has on her body), the cell scene, Gabriel adopting his finest Lora Lee Sherman drag to go on a killing spree, "Why am I calling the police?", and that stunning man.

    The fact that I thought the lead and the birth mother were the same person and the movie was jumping around in time to show us how she ended up a hostage before she comically fell through the fucking roof.
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  2. I know my good sissy would stan. I'm so proud I could shoot electricity out of my brain!!
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  3. Greatest line delivery of all time to be honest.

  4. It was so funny we also were going back and forth whether that was supposed to be the same character or if it was two different women.
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  5. The Gaybriel reveal:

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  6. Was nice to spot Patricia Velasquez and Mckenna Grace from the Conjuring-verse (aside from Ingrid) making brief appearances. Not sure if there were more cameos that i might've missed. I could be reaching but Wan might have thrown some Dead Silence references in there, with Daniel's character being named Shaw, and Sydney's character mentioning Gabriel controlling Emily like a puppet.
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  7. It can also be an iconic housewife tagline.


    The RANGE that it has.

    AkskskfI did this at work during lunch…
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  8. oh my god
  9. Legendary Miss Anck Su Namun was in the movie too?!

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  10. The way they did "see?? They're mother and daughter!!" by having them both have dark hair and bangs.
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  11. @BTG nawt DR VANNACUTT

    Which James Bond was he villain in?
  12. Indeed - very blink and you'll miss it cameo in the first few minutes
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  13. The fact that she also says the iconic line "he's hemhorraging!" after Stellan Skarsgard's entire arm gets bitten off in Deep Blue Sea... the range.

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  14. We were so annoyed that they made them look so much alike...! ... until it turned out they were supposed to be mother and daughter... Then we felt stupid...
  15. And why did the black (assumed) sex worker in the jail cell look like she just waked out of this movie?

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  16. starred in this video
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  17. I need to watch this with an audience to see the reactions.
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  18. And one of the others looked like Large Marge from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I have also referred to this scene as "when Gabriel slaughters the entire Collector's Set of Every Movie Lesbian Ever."
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  19. The fact I had no idea what was happening or what direction the first half of the film was going in only for miss Gabriel’s reveal and the crescendo of events afterwards to make me leave the cinema with a feeling of pure joy.

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