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Malignant: Film of the Year

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. "How many times do I have to watch my children die inside of you?"

    Two thumbs up, a lot of laughing, and a "Bloody Hell, of course he's still in there!" at the Prison Cell Scene.

    Malignant... bringing families together since 2021.
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  2. I think this wins my best pick for Halloween this year. High campy, horror fun that led to this thread of gems. It’s definitely being added to my list of October movies.
  3. As a non-horror movie person, I finally watched this on Friday off the sheer strength of this thread's title, and...

  4. It's always time to cut out the can-cuh!
  5. Emily when Gabriel took control of her body
  6. I want this film displayed in unison around the world like Adele's 30 campaign.
  7. Me when I read that NAO's latest album came into the UK charts at... #63 -


    Oh and don't forget this garage classic!

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  8. I remember seeing this scene in the trailer but it’s not in the film right?

  9. My best friend and I decided I'm going to strap her to the back of my head so we can be a "Malignant" for Halloween. The accurate character names are not allowed!!
  10. omg I finally watched this (mainly so I could finally read this thread) and I didn't know so many emotions existed inside of my parasitic twin me
  11. Me running away from my responsibilities
  12. Well, guess who just got her digital cert and now she can watch Maligaynant in the cinema for the first time tonight!


    Rise up Little Gabriels!
  13. I think this remains the best film of 2021 for me
  14. Girl that was camp. What a bundle of joy this movie is.
  15. Me to my dentist before he conducts a fairly straightforward deep clean -

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  17. I’d say this movie snatched my wig clean off, but I need to keep it on so nobody spots my extreme teratoma.
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  18. I thought this was hysterical and had a great time watching, but everyone I watched it with absolutely hated it. I think they were all expecting it to be genuinely scary and were not prepared for how absurd it was. I guess the straits just really can't hang.
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  19. Not me about to spend $20 to rent it for the Halloween weekend. It deserves every dollar it gets from me.
  20. I had been recommended this by so many people, and finally got around to seeing it tonight. My boyfriend unfortunately didn't want to watch anymore half way through, but it was his loss.

    I loved the sister turning up in a kids party outfit at the hospital, and when she suddenly appeared at the window, as well as the birth mum falling from the ceiling. However, the bit I absolutely lost it was with the deaths at the police office - I cannot remember a time I have laughed that much so consistently. I could barely breathe.
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