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Mallrat - Butterfly Blue

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Super excited about this, I hope she releases her debut album this year. The last tweet gave me Charli vibes.
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  2. It's great, she can't do no wrong. The sample is fire.
  3. Ohhh this is good. She got the tiddies out and she’s taking no prisoners.
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  4. Rockstar was better, but I guess it flopped, so now she’s doing R&B-flavored stuff dddd.
  5. This is every-fucking-thing. The best thing from her since "Charlie".
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  6. I literally can't stop listening to "Your Love." What a bop.
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  7. Very different to the first single, unexpected.
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  8. And, FINALLY, the debut album announcement - Butterfly Blue coming 13 May.

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  9. Island

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    Not an Azealia Banks collab! Iconic!
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  10. dd But will this one see the light of day?
    I'm really intrigued by her and I very much enjoy 'Your Love'.
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    It’s on the album preorder so unless it gets scrapped between now and May….
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  12. Do you have the tracklist?
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    Dddd the track listing is up on American Apple Music

    1. Wish on an Eyelash
    2. To You
    3. Surprise Me (Feat. Azealia Banks)
    4. Your Love
    5. Heart Guitar
    6. Teeth
    7. Rockstar
    8. I’m Not My Body, It’s Mine
    9. Obsessed
    10. Arm’s Length
    11. Butterfly Blue

    It has an April 29 release date on Apple Music but that’ll probably be changed…
  15. All of the tracks have bopped so far and a Pretty AB feature? I’m listening intently.
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  16. Island

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    “He said my pussy tighter than Nicole Kidman face”

  17. Her fall off since Charlie (R U High aside) is so rough.


    Butterfly Blue’ standout ‘I’m Not My Body, It’s Mine’ is a lullaby filled with goosebump moments. The title inspires ideas of bodily reclamation and self-assurance, but no feminist declaration is made or landed on. Instead, Shaw sings the title softly alongside lines about breaking a car window, standing on a roof and being so happy she could cry. The gaps in meaning are filled in by cinematic synths and a twangy steel guitar, before muffled drums rise into a hazy release of wordless, Auto-Tuned warbles. Denying the listener an easy narrative and clean resolution, ‘I’m Not My Body, It’s Mine’ instead offers an ineffable feeling of contentment and confidence, from which we can take whatever we need.

    Naturally, Shaw is politely cagey about the track, though she says it’s one of her favourites. “I think I’m proud of it because it doesn’t sound like anything else, and the way that the feeling and production of the song turns halfway is so unpredictable as a listener,” she says, “I’m really proud of the melodies in the freestyle bit at the end. How did I even think of that?”
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