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Maluma - 11:11 (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alestevens, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. I'm pretty much ready to laminate my stan card once the new single is out. He's great.
  2. Songs translated into English are always so clunky. Download Rosetta Stone. Shak is best to make the song in English or Spanish originally
  3. I want him and Zayn to collaborate. It doesn't even have to be music, just somehow both shirtless
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  4. It's the Spanish version of this.

    These will definitely be on the album.

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  5. Double post sorry. His Instagram story has a new clip of the song I posted last though.

    And he keeps hashtaghing things with 23.

    His European tour is over now so maybe we'll get the next single in the next few weeks.
  6. The video of him dancing to I Follow Rivers added 7 years to my life expectancy, I want him to annihilate all my orifices
  7. Being from the same city as he is I can't stand how he portrays himself in such a traditional hetero-normative way, specially since I'm being bombarded with that particular kind of "what is a supposed to be a man" almost everyday. I (sort of) get how some people might find it appealing but I think it's just going backwards, contrary to J Balvin, who I do think has a better image and message overall. Maybe some people from Colombia or Latin America can explain it better.
  8. New collab coming soon too with Cosculluela. They filmed the video yesterday.

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  9. Very excited for new stuff from him! His output is largely fantastic.

    The fact is he so beautifully sexy helps a little, I guess.
  10. The Cosculluela song is out.

    Also Vogue Magazine Mexico photos.

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  11. Terrible pictures. He is a very attractive man, but those shots aren't where it is at.
  12. ^They really ruined that cover, didn't they. Too much sharpening.
  13. It's out. The video is being filmed next week in Brazil.

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  14. Flo Rida is releasing a song featuring Maluma next week, they shot the video the other day.

    Also they shot the video for Corazon in Brazil yesterday.

  15. I'm embarrassed to say that I like the sound of the Flo Rida song. It sounds like all his other crap but it's a bop.
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  16. Same haha.

    Album title is announced too.
  17. Don’t know about faith, but soul, music, and essence are clearly missing.
  18. Is he very machismo? I’m Latino myself so I understand it but Maluma just seems to be himself to me
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  19. I feel like you’re expecting a lot from him haha. He’s basically handsome Flo Rida
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  20. He's so hot. That's all I can contribute to this discussion.​
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