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Maluma - 11:11 (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alestevens, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. The Chris Brown teas I’m getting from that title are... not pleasant.
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  2. Well tbh I don’t expect nothing from him as I don’t think he has anything special to offer, apart from being hot. I do respect him and his team for the great marketing and clearly he resonated with a lot of people for some reason. That being said I think it’s sad (and makes me almost embarrased) that it was this tired image of a fuckboy that took him where he is, also his entire career and music is based around this, “4 babies” or whatever that song is called is an example of this:

    “I'm in love with four babies
    They always give me what I want
    Fuck me when I tell them to
    None of them says “but”.”

    And every song of his I’ve heard is just this same narrative of him affirming his toxic masculinity. I think (at least in part) this may be the result of countless romours of him being gay since he was just starting out here in Medellin (where most people are homophobic) and this constant shouting of his sexual interest in woman is one dimensional and boring. Sorry if there was any misspelling.
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  3. X The Film is out.

    With these 3 songs.

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  4. I loved the X film!
  5. The Hola video is out:

    I genuinely thought Flo Rida was recreating the Higher video at the start.
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  6. A video.
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  7. New single

  8. I’m bopping. Where’s the album at though? Isn’t he touring it in like two weeks?
  9. His style is getting out of control. I know he's rich but I liked him way more in a shirt and jeans than in this crazy ugly Versace/Gucci/whatever ensembles he's donning at the moment.

    He was peak hot in the Shakira video for Trap. I swear I stared at a GIF of him an hour straight recently and it was a relevation.

    Music is also good mostly.
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  10. He's trying too much with the fashion.
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  11. His current styling will be what people will be looking at in the 2020s and saying this is what people wore in the 2010s. Ashley Tisdale 2000s teas.
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  12. The song is cute but I prefer Corazon. He should release the album already.
  13. At least he's trying. I don't get the gray wig (is it supposed to make him look... cool?... It really doesn't), but otherwise he's done much worse than this vid. Also shirtlessness is appreciated.

    He's never not on tour.

    How dare you. None of these looks are remarkable enough for that to ever happen. Queen Ashley remains unparalleled.
  14. Yeah but the tour starting in two weeks is called the F.A.M.E. Tour, whereas F.A.M.E. still hasnt been released so it's kinda tragic. His A&R is the pits, one would think someone this big would have their era more planned out!
  15. Here he says the album will be out in May and talks about the World Cup song.

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  16. The Coca Cola World Cup song with Jason Derulo is out.

  17. No one is buying tickets for his Germany tour. Checking the seat maps is depressing.

    Almost as bad for him: I unfollowed on Insta. He's mostly annoying now.
  18. Well, of course it's pretty bad. But what shocked me the most is how unpleasant Jason sounds compared to Maluma, who's got a genuinely nice singing voice.

  19. So he's finally launching his first English song. And it's BURNS' (of Britney - Make Me fame) new single. Kinda random, but I'm v curious to hear what it sounds like.

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  20. I hope it's a cover of Ariana's classic.
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